Data science implementation has the potential to revolutionize all types of businesses and sectors around the world. Data science offers a variety of lucrative career roles, including data scientists, data engineers, data architects, data analysts, and many more. In order to maintain client loyalty and generate better profit in this fiercely competitive industry, reputable firms urgently require these job types to manage data effectively throughout the year.

Several reputable online data courses offer data credentials to aspiring data engineers and architects. Reputable educational institutions and expert websites offer data credentials for better work advancement. For a successful professional career, let’s look at some of the top data engineer and data architect qualifications.

Top Data Certifications!

Let’s explore some of the top data certifications that help you easily choose the best data engineer certification!

  1. Professional Data Engineer from Google

The Google Professional Data Engineer online course provides the skills necessary to design data processing systems, operationalize machine learning models, guarantee the quality of solutions, and construct data processing systems.

This data certification test can be taken in two hours either online or at the nearby test center using the online-proctored exam. Candidates must have a minimum of three years of relevant experience, including at least one year of solution creation and management using Google Cloud.

  1. Certified Big Data Architect from IBM

With software areas including BigInsights, BigSQL, Hadoop, and Cloudant, the IBM Certified Big Data Architect online course only requires one test, while software areas of peripheral focus include information server, data governance, analytic tools, data availability, machine learning, and many more.

For this data certification, it is advised that you have a number of prerequisite abilities, including a solid grasp of the data layer, the ability to translate functional requirements, the capacity to provide physical architecture, and many more.

The data layer, cluster management, network requirements, data modeling, latency, disaster recovery, and many other concepts also need to be well understood.

  1. Certified Big Data Engineer from IBM

The IBM Certified Big Data Engineer online course consists of one test and provides interested candidates with a Test Preparation Lab for comprehensive preparation.

It requires software with a central focus, such as BigInsights, BigSQL, Hadoop, and Cloudant, as well as peripheral software with a focus on data governance, security features of BigInsights, BigMatch, Guardium, BigSheets, Netezza, DB2 BLU, and many other software platforms.

It’s essential to comprehend a range of themes, including LDAP Security, data monitoring, personally identifiable information (PII), data variety, data querying methods, scalability, cluster management, and many others.

  1. Azure Data Engineer Associate from Microsoft

Candidates interested in the Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Associate online course must have knowledge in integrating, transforming, and consolidating data from various structured and unstructured data systems.

This data certification training contributes to the high performance, efficiency, and dependability of data pipelines and data repositories. Strong skills in SQL, Python, Scala and other programming languages are required.

Planning, implementing and optimizing data storage, developing data processing, and implementing data security are some of the abilities that are measured in this online data course.

The free online and instructor-led courses are options for aspiring data engineers to prepare for this online data course.

  1. Big Data Engineering Certification from DASCA

For software engineers and programmers to have better job advancement in big data development and engineering professions, DASCA offers a Big Data Engineering Certification course with significant worldwide certifications.

For candidates who have passed the 100-minute DASCA online examinations in 183 countries, it offers two levels of data engineering courses: Associate Big Data Engineer and Senior Big Data Engineer.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

  1. How can I become a Data Engineer?

To become a Data Engineer, you must:

  • Adore information, research, technology, and programming
  • Recognize the significance of big data for contemporary research, government, industry, and technology
  • Possess a foundational understanding of at least one well-known open-source platform for object-oriented programming. Having a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology will be very beneficial.
  • Have knowledge of RDBMS, databases, and data structures.
  • Become proficient in at least one Python-related language.
  • Obtain a vendor-neutral, cross-platform, or platform-agnostic certification, such as ABDE or SBDE.
  • Make a collection of your built big data applications available on source code hosting websites like GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, and SourceForge.
  • Apply to IT businesses who are creating tools and applications or offering SaaS-based data analytics services and solutions.
  1. What skills must a Big Data Engineer acquire?

The most critical skills for any big data application developer/engineer are – in order of importance – the following:

1. Problem-solving

2. Programming in Python/C++/Java

3. Programming in R

4. Platform usage (like Hadoop/Spark etc.)

5. SQL and NoSQL databases

6. Data mining and RDBMS

7. Data structure and algorithms

8. Data security management

9. Machine learning and AI

10. Tools for capturing, storing, transmitting, and processing streaming data

11. Quantitative analysis

12. Interpretation and data visualization

  1. Which certification is best for me, ABDE or SBDE?

Young, graduating university or tech-school students or aspiring big data engineers who are getting ready to start their careers in the big data business can pursue the Associate Big Data Engineer (ABDE) Certification.

The underlying ideas, frameworks, principles, and technologies utilized in the stream and batch data processing, data structuring, developing data architectures, managing integration tools/databases/analytical systems, and maintaining data pipelines are all covered in this certification.

Students majoring in computer science, software engineering, information technology, or another technical field should choose it.

Data engineering is raised to a whole new level with the Senior Big Data Engineer (SBDE) Certification. It is intended for seasoned programmers and software engineers who want to enter the Big Data industry or who want to advance more quickly in their professional lives.

When designing the platform architecture, stream and batch data processing, customizing integration tools, and building data warehouses, SBDE emphasizes cutting-edge concepts, frameworks, and technologies.

Professionals with degrees in IT/Computer Science, Software Engineering, or another technical field might consider getting this certification.

  1. Do Big Data Engineers Need Certification?

A Big Data Engineer Certification serves to formally recognize your skills and experience, giving you the upper hand over other experts in your field.

A reliable Big Data Engineer Certification is a fantastic method to demonstrate to prospective employers how valuable you are. For those who are interested in job advancement, certification is the finest alternative. 85% of IT workers have at least one qualification related to their line of work, according to the Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report. The more certifications, in general, the better it is.

ABDE and SBDE are vendor-neutral, cross-platform applicable, and DSBoK-centered globally recognized Big Data Engineer Certification programs for Big Data Engineering jobs because DASCA is neither a technology developer nor the owner of a proprietary Big Data platform.

  1. Are Big Data Engineers in Demand?

Data engineering is reportedly one of the technical sectors with the greatest growth, with over 88.3% growth in job posts and more than 50% growth in several positions from one year to the next.

Wrapping Up

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