4 Things You Should Look for in a Payroll Provider | FreshBooks Blog

Growing a small business involves making the most of every resource at your disposal. Allocating every asset to the best effect keeps debt lower and maximizes net profits. When it comes to financial management, looking into what payroll providers for small business have to offer makes a lot of sense. Here are a few reasons to set up a meeting today. 

Payroll Services for One Monthly Fee

One of the primary perks of hiring a payroll provider is that you know what is spent on these services each month. Unless you need something out of the ordinary, the fixed rate will apply. In terms of budgeting, this helps to simplify things significantly. 

Don’t overlook the fact that using the service means that you trim employee expenses. Instead of maintaining a team to handle the payroll, outsource to the provider. You don’t have to provide vacation or sick days, offer a pension, or any other typical perks. Thanks to that, you can free up more income and use it for other business purposes. 

No Worries When Employees are Ill or On Vacation

With a payroll provider, you can forget about anything interfering with the preparation of a payroll. A lot can happen when this function remains in-house. Employees may be out sick, on vacation, or not be available for a number of reasons. If those employees happen to be the ones who prepare your payroll, that can mean things don’t get done in time.

If you have a payroll provider taking care of these duties, there’s no reason for concern. Your outsource partner ensures there is always enough personnel to get your payroll out on time. That includes handling the direct deposits and getting checks ready for those who prefer that mode of payment. 

Calculating and Forwarding Your Tax Payments

Did you know that payroll providers for small business operations take care of withholding taxes and making sure they are forwarded to the right agencies on time? It’s not just the amounts that are withheld from the employee pay. You can depend on the provider to withhold the company’s portion and see that it’s forwarded as well. 

All reports are prepared and available for you to review in advance. That gives you the chance to review all the data and ensure there’s money in the company account to cover your share of the taxes. Think of how much easier this will make things when it’s time to prepare your annual tax return. 

Always Up to Date on Pending Changes

Laws and regulations related to payroll functions do change over time. Even when they are announced in advance, it’s easy for a small business owner to overlook them until after the fact. When this happens, there will be penalties and fines to pay. 

The payroll provider who is handling your financial needs is always up to date on pending changes to payroll and withholding laws. This means they ensure you know about the pending changes and when they will go into effect. The result is that you are ready for the changes and won’t incur any type of fees or penalties due to non-compliance. 

Talk with a payroll provider and outline what you are seeking. There are plans for businesses with as few as three people. You may find that even if your company is not that large yet, opting for this type of support will make a positive difference.