Flowers have been a traditional means through which couples have declared their love for one another over the course of many generations. During the Victorian era, it was common practice for lovers to carry on an entire discussion using nothing but flowers. Over time, it evolved into a tradition to present the object of one’s affection with a bouquet of flowers while expressing one’s deepest feelings to that person. When people all across the world began dedicating their time and energy to commemorating Valentine’s Day, this wonderful custom began to gain more notoriety. Since that time, on Valentine’s Day, many people continue the tradition of sending flowers to the person they love as a sign of their affection for them. Because every flower has its own unique symbolism, there are even particular flowers that are intended to be presented to the person who has been the most significant influence in your life. You can check out the BloomLocal same day flower delivery UK.

If you have had a long-term infatuation on the person in question, now is the moment to ask the all-important question “Will you be mine, forever?” by presenting them with the following bouquets of proposal flowers:

1. Carnations in a vase

Send a bouquet of red carnations to the person you adore along with the words “I love you.” Carnations are a symbol of love, fascination, and admiration. Before you propose to the person you have spent your entire life loving, make sure to pick up a bouquet of red carnations. Carnations are the traditional flowers to give to a married couple on their first anniversary of marriage. Keep this in mind if you and your spouse-to-be are planning to celebrate your first wedding anniversary.

2. Gerbera Daisies

Another flower that says “I Love You” and might set the tone for a romantic beginning to your love tale is the daisy gerbera. Gerbera daisies, which have been ranked as the world’s fifth most popular flower, are known to exude an air of cheeriness and purity. On the other hand, love and desire in a relationship are symbolized by a bunch of crimson Gerbera daisies. Therefore, tell the person you care about that you love them by giving them a gorgeous bouquet of gerbera daisies

3. Roses

Roses, which are considered to be the most beloved flowers in the world, are frequently used to symbolize genuine affection. There is a wide spectrum of colors to choose from when purchasing these lovely rose blooms. Nevertheless, if you want to say those three magical words — “I love you” — to the love of your life, the best way to do so is with a bunch of red roses. Do you have any clue how many roses would be appropriate for a marriage proposal? A full expression of affection is represented with a dozen crimson roses.

4. Lilies

Have you fallen hopelessly in love with the charm of her grin? On Valentine’s Day, why not show her how much you care about her by presenting her with a bouquet of stunning lilies? If you are fascinated with another person, one of the best ways to show your love to them is through the gift of these heavenly flowers. The lily is the traditional flower to give to a spouse on their 30th wedding anniversary, since it symbolizes a deep tie between the two of you.

5. Orchids

Orchids are one of the most romantic flowers, and giving your partner an orchid is a great way to express the breadth and depth of your feelings for them. How? Orchids are one of the most exclusive types of flowers, and they come in virtually every color. And it is said that the rarer the flower that you gift to your sweetheart, the deeper your love is. This is one of the beliefs that underpins the language of flowers. Therefore, if you have a profound affection for another person, weave your love tale using these stunning and unusual flowers.

6. Tulips

Tulips would be an excellent choice for a flower arrangement if you are looking for a sophisticated way to propose to someone and win that person’s heart. Although tulips are available in a wide range of colors, the traditional meaning of ‘perfect love’ is associated with red tulips. In point of fact, according to the Victorian language of flowers, if you present someone with a bouquet of red tulips, you are making a public declaration of your love for that person. This will be the ideal token of your affection for your partner to receive.

7. SunFlower

Sunflowers may be arranged into a beautiful bouquet that is perfect for a marriage proposal, but very few people are aware of this fact. Absolutely, if you want to cheer up your romantic life, the perfect floral arrangement would be a bunch of sunny sunflowers. Therefore, if you are stumped as to how to convey to your partner that the joy that they bring into your life can be expressed best with a bouquet of dwarf sunflowers, then do as such.

8. The Chrysanthemum flower

Chrysanthemums, in the floral etiquette of the Victorian era, were regarded as the flowers of friendship. The rose is the most well-known flower in the world, but the chrysanthemum is a close second. On Valentine’s Day, if you have a crush on someone and want to tell them how you feel, you should present that person a bouquet of red chrysanthemums, which stand for undying love.

9. Blue Iris

The breathtaking blue iris brings to mind the virtues of hope and faith. Blue Iris can be understood in a variety of ways, but when it is presented as a gift to another person, it expresses profound feelings. Do you also know that it is a widely held belief that the root of the iris plant possesses magical properties, one of which is the ability to entice a new romantic partner? Therefore, a bouquet of the gorgeous blue iris is the ideal floral arrangement to use when you want to convey your most heartfelt feelings to the person you love.

Therefore, if you are running out of innovative ways to propose to your partner, try speaking your heart out to them in the language of flowers instead. In addition, the response will consistently be “Yes.”

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