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Brand owners have access to an exclusive collection of brand benefit tools on Amazon. These tools can aid your brand’s conversion, discoverability, and intellectual property protection. While Amazon sells and distributes many of its products, it sells products from other companies. So, if you’ve ever made an Amazon purchase and discovered you made a mistake right away, you’ll want to seek amazon seller support because you know how tough it can be to find out how to correct the problem. You can contact Amazon through telephone or Amazon helpline if you have a question about one of these items or need to resolve an order issue. It is, however, usually preferred to contact the seller directly.

Contacting Amazon seller through orders page


  • From the Amazon homepage, go to “Your Orders.” If you have an issue with an order you placed with a third-party vendor; you can get assistance via the “Your Orders” tab. Navigate to “Your Orders” from your account page or go to and click the “Returns & Orders” link at the top of the page. Look through the list of orders for the item you need assistance with. 
  • Click the dropdown menu button on the upper left side of the screen to find your orders if you’re using the Amazon Prime app. “Your Orders” is located just under “Home.”

Step 2

  • Select “Order Problem” or “Order Assistance.” If you haven’t received your order from a third-party seller yet, you may see a button next to it that says “Problem with order” or “Get help with the order.” To report a problem, click one of these buttons and follow the on-screen instructions. 
  • If the seller manages their delivery rather than Amazon, the yellow “Get help with order” button will appear.
  • By following Amazon’s instructions, you may be able to remedy the issue without contacting the seller directly. If not, Amazon’s customer service system can assist you in getting the seller.
  • Click the “Return or replace products” option if your order has already been delivered, and you’d want to seek a return, exchange, or refund. If the seller handles these transactions, Amazon will put you in touch with them.

Step 3 

  • To rate the vendor, select “Leave seller feedback.” Choose the “Leave seller feedback” button next to the order in question if you’ve already received your product and want to leave feedback for the seller. You can then give the vendor a star rating and feedback on your purchase experience. 
  • You have 90 days from the date of your order to provide feedback to the seller.

Final thoughts

Every company must first satisfy orders before shipping them. As a result, you’re familiar with the irritation of not having enough time to handle all of the rankings fast. When you reach a point where you’re receiving tens of orders each day, you realize you need to optimize your logistics. Typically, this means you’ll need to set up your warehouse and hire people to handle fulfillment and delivery. Then it would be best if you had more people for customer support, which adds up to a lot of money. If you use Amazon FBA, on the other hand, you may outsource the entire process.