For you to work or bid for a contract in the state of Georgia, you need to get a license. The state issues licenses in various areas such as plumbing and air conditioning installation. All contractors are required to pass an exam for general contracting, residential and residential light commercial exams.

RocketCert offers customized packages to help you in Georgia Contractor Exam Prep. For contractors who want to renew their license, they need to get hours in continuing education. Our platform is flexible and allows them to access it any time of the day. Besides, we have a no pass no pay policy to guarantee all contractors enrolling in passing their exams.

How to Gain a General Contractor License

The state of Georgia mandates all contractors to get a license before commencing any bidding and contract work. Our training package for the license is offered on our online platform to allow you to take the classes when it’s convenient.

Scope of Work to be Done With this License

Work covered by the license is limited by certain financial limits enacted by the state. Thus, one can take air conditioning repairs and installation, electrical contracts, and utility contracting. Whenever one takes such projects, you are mandated to finish the work within the agreed timelines.

Residential Basic Contractor License

The state of Georgia mandates residential basic contractors to get a license before engaging in bidding. We offer training to such contractors on our online platform for self-regulation. Our Georgia Contractor Exam Prep ensures you pass the test by the first trial.

Scope of Work Under this License

Contractors with this kind of license can work on projects detached from residences for one or two families. The license allows contractors to build townhouses not exceeding three stories and installation of accessories in such buildings.

Residential Light Commercial License

Contractors majoring in residential light commercial buildings are mandated by the State of Georgia to get a license. Once a contractor gets the license, they can begin bidding for work. We have a package for such contractors to ensure they pass their exams on the first attempt.

Scope of Work Under this License

Contractors licensed under this category in Georgia can undertake projects that can be performed by residential basic contractors and other additional works. The license allows contractors to multitask and handle bigger construction projects that can house several families or light commercial buildings.

Conditioned Air Contractor License and Exam Prep

Contractors majoring in air conditioning systems are mandated to get a license before venturing into any commercial activity. Such contractors should enroll in our training program, which is flexible to accommodate persons with busy schedules. Our exam preparation package helps you pass by the first attempt.

Scope of Work Under this License

A conditioned air contractor may bid and work on projects on air conditioning systems under an implied contract. The license restricts contractors on these systems only and handles equipment that does not exceed 175,000 BTU of heating and cooling of 60,000 BTU.

Choose to work with RocketCert in your quest to get any type of contractor’s license. Besides, we help with contractor’s license renewal.