Medical Residency In Sweden For Non EU – CollegeLearners

It is everybody’s priority to find the best financial support when moving to a foreign country when they become ill. Sweden for one has been named one of the best countries in Europe in terms of the provision of  Healthcare services both to its nationals and foreigners. 

Here is a health care guide for non-EU citizens and how they are health insurance work.

  1. No Public health insurance 

In Sweden, there is no public health insurance which is very common in many European countries. The public Healthcare system is by a larger extent financed by the taxes from the government.

A majority of the government’s GDP goes to the healthcare system and there is no requirement for Swedish citizens to purchase public health insurance. 

The total contribution from the government comes up to about 97% while the remaining 3% is financed individually when someone visits a medical practitioner in a public hospital.

  1. Private medical insurance  

There is the option of purchasing private insurance from private health insurance providers across the country.

European Union citizens can come with their valid insurances and still get the same set of treatment in Sweden.

The private insurance option is mainly purchased by people who cannot qualify for the public healthcare system which in many cases are people with less can a 12-month  resident visa in Sweden.

If your stay in Sweden happens to be shorter than the required period for qualification of public health care, it will interest you to look at some reviews about insurance providers in Sweden from a Swedish review website like OmdömesStälle.

If you have no idea where to start perhaps comparing reviews about Folksam with other insurance providers will guide you to a reliable and cost-efficient health insurance company.

You can also weigh your options and consider getting private global medical insurance. 

  1. Private global medical insurance. 

International immigrants from countries outside the EU have the option of purchasing private global Health Insurance from their country or any provider.

This is the best option for a non-EU citizen who is in the country for less than 12 months. 

However, this does not mean that every person who is a non- EU citizen should have global health medical insurance. Itt is still possible to qualify for the public healthcare system. 

Things you will need to qualify for the public health care system:

In many cases, international foreign students moving in the country to study for more than a year or people relocating to Sweden for businesses purposes or whatever reason can qualify to get treatment under the public health care system. 

What you must have are; 

  • Residence permit 

To get the residence permit in Sweden you will have to file an application to the Swedish migration agency who will then validate your residency before granting you their residence permit. 

The residence permit granted can be for a shorter period or longer period, however, if you intend to apply for the public Healthcare system your duration should be over at least 12 months.

  • Swedish Personal Identity Number 

Using your residence permit of at least 12 months, you will have to apply for a Swedish personal identity number at the Swedish Tax Agency (skatteverket). 

With his personal identity number, you can now get access to public health care. 

Noteworthy, the public healthcare system does not provide dental coverage and it is often costly not just for foreigners but also the Swedish citizens. 

To be on the safe side as a person moving from a different country to Sweden, it is often recommended that you get your dental health checked before moving into the country. This will save you a lot of money.

Aside from that the public healthcare system is the most trusted ball in Sweden and over 90% of the population use their services.

The major services provided by the public healthcare system include; inpatient and outpatient care, primary health care, pediatrician services, preventive services, rehabilitation services, and dental care. 

  1. Pharmacies 

For minor health care issues you have the option of purchasing drugs from pharmacies that are identified by the sign, ‘Apoteket’.  That is really disgusting but the characters you can find are pretty limited.

  1. Emergency services 

Finally, any foreigner moving to Sweden or true to know the emergency dial number for ambulatory services. The number is 112, however, the service is discouraged from bogus abuse.

Only dial the number when you are truly in need of emergency service.