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Simple Cash Daily says that most B2C and B2B direct mail marketing campaigns can be done digitally, making them a cost-effective marketing tool. Digital marketing eliminates the need for stamps and envelopes and the tedious task of mailing them. Email marketing software is all you need to contact your entire list with a click.

And, direct mail, contrary to what some Youtubers might say, still works. Direct mail marketing can make simple cash daily with the right strategy and execution.

Just as with email marketing, direct mail can be done these days digitally too. Just upload your artwork and list, and the printing and mailing are done for you, Simple Cash Daily explains.

Direct Mail Marketing is Effective

There is far less competition in an actual mailbox than in an email inbox if you want your message to be noticed. This is only one of many principles that guide direct mail marketing effectiveness.

Direct Mail and the Law of Reciprocity

Consider when someone is kind to you. What can you do to show kindness in return? You can think of reciprocity in its simplest form as “You scratch mine; I scratch yours.”

Have you ever been in this position? You get to try the product and receive a free sample. You also feel obligated to provide a sample.

Reciprocity is so effective that it can almost be called a marketer’s secret weapon. Let’s hope that marketers will use the power and benefits of reciprocity to their advantage, just as in those movies about superheroes.

Reciprocity works for everyone, even doctors Simple Cash Daily advises.

Researchers studied the prescribing habits of 279,669 doctors. The study looked at how much a free meal provided by a pharmacist could affect the likelihood that a doctor would prescribe the medication.

They found that even a cheap meal (less than $20) led to the doctor prescribing more brand-name medications.

This principle can be applied to direct mail marketing. You can send potential customers value regardless of whether your goal is to increase sales in B2C marketing or to help sales reps book meetings in B2B.

Direct Mail doesn’t Require a Large Budget.

Simple Cash Daily knows that direct mail marketing is still viable even if you have a small direct mail budget. Even a small gift can bring rewards exponentially.

Which customers are you looking to target, and what is your budget? What can direct mail do to delight and surprise your prospects?

Keep track of where you get the best results and how long it takes to complete your process. This will allow you to speed up the execution of your next direct mail campaign.

If in doubt, ask yourself, “Does this mail add value to the recipient?”

Your mail should not be opened just for the sake of opening it but to help you achieve your marketing goals. And postcards are already opened.

Direct mail Lives

While we live in a digital world, direct mail still has a significant impact on our lives. You will differ from your competitors if you take the time to invest directly in mail, Simple Cash Daily goes on to say.