Online payment has revolutionized payment processing by reducing labor costs, time-consuming manual paperwork, and human error. Businesses are able to expand their market base and at the same time provide consumers with different payment options. 

But despite the wide popularity of cashless payments, there are still consumers who are reluctant to try this modern payment method. Given the exposure to security threats like fraud, dishonest merchants, phishing, and disputes over product quality, the hesitation is valid.

Thankfully, a PCI-compliant Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solution is available to ensure that no entity during payment processing has access to clear text data. With P2PE encryption, merchants protect sensitive customer data while complying with PCI DSS (PCI Data Security Standard).

Is your payment gateway secure? Protect your brand name and your customer’s data from being stolen by working with a PCI-certified provider of P2PE solutions and secure payment gateways.

P2PE Solutions for High-Risk Merchants

Protecting your customers and your reputation remains the biggest challenge despite technological advancements. Work with a PCI-certified provider like First Card Payments to address these challenges while saving hefty fines for not being PCI-compliant.

Best Level of Protection

Considering the prevalence of credit or debit card fraud and cyber attacks, it is so important to have all the data encrypted. P2PE solutions can protect payment details in the event of a breach. P2PE also devalues data, so stolen information cannot be used. With excellent encryption, the possibility of a breach is reduced.

Time and Money Saving

Partnering with a PCI-certified provider will save you the hassle and time on overall PCI compliance efforts. P2PE solutions ensure that the appropriate PCI DSS requirements are applied to your business.

The P2PE technology helps merchants reduce the range or scope of the cardholder data environments and PCI DSS requirements, making merchants save relevant time and costs for their annual PCI audits.

Specific P2PE Solutions

Merchants can now confidently implement a solution that works best in protecting the customers’ data. This enables merchants to process and collect payments with the highest level of security.

VISA Technology Innovation Program (TIP)

Merchants who accept and process at least 75% of their transactions through a validated P2PE service can take advantage of the TIP program. The program allows merchants to skip the annual review process for revalidation of PCI DSS compliance.

Although PCI compliance is not required by law, merchants who accept, transmit, and store cardholder data should adhere to this regulation set by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to avoid any risk of a data breach. 

The hefty fine will hurt your financial situation, which can be catastrophic to your business; not to mention the possibility of the bank terminating your account or increasing transaction fees that cannot be ignored.

Only work with a PCI-certified provider for your P2PE solution so you can focus your energy on all your other business strategies. With security vulnerabilities, the security standards set by PCI DSS will help secure your business and your customers.