How to Pick an Engagement Ring — Borsheims

If you are reading this then, congratulations! You popped the big question and you and your partner are on your journey in finding the perfect ring. Going diamond engagement rings store shopping is never easy. There is so much to choose from!

Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed or panic, it is perfectly normal as buying the engagement ring is a pretty important purchase and decision to make. Whether you are buying alone, or together with your partner, and if you live in Dallas, Texas, here is what to look for in choosing a diamond engagement rings store. 

Where Can I Buy a Real Diamond Engagement Ring?

Buying a diamond engagement ring is a nerve wracking experience. There is so much to consider from what store to shop for, online or in a physical retail store. Are going to the customized engagement ring, buying wholesale loose diamonds, or buying an engagement straight from the shelf. 

Or if you have totally no idea on where to start and have zero prior knowledge on anything related to getting real diamond engagement rings it is best if you consult somebody and hiring a diamond expert is the thing for you. 

  1. Online 

The best way in order to find the most options is to look online. Online first as you want to browse through different styles, and designs as well as pick out what diamond cut you like and canvas out different prices in order to give you an idea of the price range of the ring that you prefer.

Online is also great if you are not sure yet on what you want and you want to consider your options and your budget on what engagement ring fits the most in your criteria. 

  1. Physical Location

While going to the physical stores in your area is also ideal as after you have an idea of what ring you prefer you can visit a real store and look and touch the ring in order to solidify your decision.

Browsing and seeing the rings for yourself is great as you also can be recommended and advice on other ring designs and diamond information, such as cut, clarity and color for you to quickly find the engagement ring of your dreams. 

If you choose to go to a physical location and you live in Texas, visit Dallas wholesale diamonds & engagement rings store for you to browse through many wonderful selections and collections of real diamond engagement rings. 

  1. Wholesale 

Buying wholesale diamonds and having it set is a cheaper option in buying and having a diamond engagement ring. Generally, the concept of “wholesale” is when wholesalers, and/or merchants sell their products and goods to retailers in large quantities at discounted prices.  

The Rapaport Diamond Report, also known as the “Rap Report” has a universal standard pricing reference for wholesale diamonds.  This is the price that diamond retailers follow when they buy large quantities of polished diamonds at a discounted rate.

Diamond retailers get access to these prices when they prove that they are a genuine diamond trading business. That is why, wholesale diamonds in Dallas that are bought by genuine diamond retailers are less expensive.  You can buy wholesale diamonds from these genuine diamond retailers at a competitive price.  

Where is the Best Place to Buy a Diamond Ring?

  1. GIA Certified

When looking for real diamond engagement rings, how do you know that the carat, cut, color and clarity of the diamond is what was advertised by the jeweler? You need to check if their diamonds are GIA certified.  GIA stands for Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in which they are a universally trusted source of authority in the diamond industry. 

By checking the  official GIA certification of the diamonds you will know exactly the worth of the diamonds so that you will know it’s value when you pay for it. Whether you get the true value of the ring based on what you paid for. Engagement rings with diamonds that are GIA certified have a greater chance of being resold in the future as the certification proves its genuineness. 

  1. Trusted and Reliable

The first thing to look for is to check for the background of the jewelry store you are thinking of buying from. Do your research and go to their business page or check for their google reviews, great sites include Yelp or Amazon if they are an online business.

 You can also read up on past customer feedback after their purchase with the business, if they are satisfied and the store delivered on what was promised. 

Does the store offer real and certified diamonds or do they have fake and synthetic diamonds that they try to sell and pass as real? Are they honest with their dealings with their customers and sell diamonds at their correct value? Here are some questions to ponder.