The 10 golden rules of magazine cover design

Having a company magazine is crucial for your credibility and marketing needs. It gives you a chance to promote your products, engage your audience and unify your messaging for your brand. If you have the resources to create a company magazine, it is crucial to know how to do it the right way. This article has outlined five important steps when creating a magazine for your company.

Determine the Function of the Magazine

Before creating your magazine, you need to decide what you want to achieve from this. Decide what functions the magazine will perform that will benefit your business. The function of the magazine will then direct you to how it should be produced and the content to include. You can create a magazine to promote your products, engage your audience with your business or simply unify your brand. After deciding the function of the magazine, you can now assemble your team.

Assemble Your Production Team

A successful company magazine requires to be backed up by a team of professionals. Each expert will be responsible for a specific part of the magazine. You will need a chief editor who oversees every editorial issue and the feature and column writers. You can also include for your graphic design and print needs. Get an art director, proofreaders, marketing experts, and contributors. 

Come Up with a Calendar

After assembling your team, the next important thing is outlining your editorial calendar. This means coming up with topics and the timeline in which these topics will be published. Decide if you want to publish weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly. In that case, plan what you will include in the content that will keep the audience engaged until your next publication. Having a calendar is crucial since it gives you a strategy for publishing your content.

Decide the Process of Production

At this stage, you will work with your graphic designer and editor to create the production process. This includes distributing topic ideas to your writers, confirming a go-ahead from the stakeholder, and selecting magazine covers. You will begin drafting and make sure you decide on the layout for both print and digital. After everything is finalized, you can submit the results. Remember, if you will include sponsored content, the sponsor would like to review the content and offer inputs before finalization. Make sure you choose a printer for quality and affordable prints. Solent Design Studio will help create a glossy and colorful magazine if that is what you need.


After printing your magazine, the job does not end there, you will need the input of your PR and marketing experts to repurpose the content of your magazine to ensure you get the most from that. Do this by creating brochures, handouts, and mailers. Produce these materials in events. Provide it on your online catalog to expand your reach.


Your company magazine needs to be an effective investment based on what you want to achieve. These are five crucial steps to help create a successful company magazine. Remember, your design and print quality will go a long way to promoting your magazine. Therefore, consider contacting Solent Design Studio for the best services.