Increase Lead Engagement through Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns – Lead  Liaison

According to Scott Hirsch of Media Direct, multi-channel marketing is one of the most powerful strategies that companies have available for constructing a cohesive brand message and bringing in new customers. To help explain what multi-channel marketing is and why it is so important, we’ll look at the top reasons from Scott on why multi-channel marketing is so effective.

Scott Hirsch CEO Defines Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing is defined as combining multiple promotional channels into one overarching marketing strategy. For example, a multi-channel marketing strategy might employ social media marketing, print marketing, and email marketing into a single campaign with a common objective. Scott advises his clients that it isn’t the specific promotional channels you choose that define multi-channel marketing but rather the practice of combining those channels into a cohesive marketing strategy.

Why Scott Hirsch CEO Feels that Multi-Channel Marketing is so Important

According to Scott, there are several different reasons why multi-channel marketing is valuable. The first reason why Scott O Hirsch, always advises his clients to take advantage of multi-channel marketing is that it enables companies to construct a cohesive brand message and marketing objective rather than multiple messages and objectives that compete across various channels. Creating a marketing campaign that hits customers with the same message across all of their favorite channels is ultimately much more valuable than constructing a new message for each channel.

Scott Hirsch CEO also explains that multi-channel marketing allows for better testing of specific marketing strategies. For example, suppose you send out the same basic message across all promotional channels and are not achieving the desired results. In that case, it’s easy to pinpoint the message itself as the area in need of improvement rather than wondering if it’s the channel you used to promote that message that is holding you back.

Lastly, Scott says that one of the most significant benefits of multi-channel marketing is the increased engagement points that multi-channel marketing creates. When you can engage your customers across all of their favorite channels, you create multiple engagement points that could lead to a sale. The more paths you have to generate a deal, the more effective your overall marketing strategy will be.

For these reasons, Scott O Hirsch CEO believes that multi-channel marketing remains the undisputed king of marketing strategies. Suppose you would like to create a cohesive brand message and display that message across all of the channels that your customers are using. In that case, multi-level marketing is undoubted a strategy that is well worth considering.