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If you have a patient who needs Hospital bed to rent Mississauga and you cannot decide upon where to go, you have come to the right place. In this article we have provided everything that you need to know about Hospital beds. A hospital bed plays an important role in the recovery of the patient. So you should be careful about choosing the perfect hospital bed depending on the type of illness of your patient.

What is a hospital bed?

Hospital beds are specially designed for patients admitted to a hospital or under supervision of a medical caregiver. These beds contain many features which provide comfort and security to the patient and also eases the process of treatment. Hoyer Lift are also helpful in moving the patient in case of an emergency or a surgery.

Types of hospital beds available in Toronto:

Hospital beds can be of many types depending upon their structure and function. Also, they can vary depending upon the nature of the illness of the patient. So before renting a hospital bed we must know what are the different types of and wheelchair and  hospital beds available and which suits the patient the most.

Most of the beds can be classified into three border categories. They are:
Full electric
Semi electric
Depending upon their structure function and uses hospital beds can be divided into the following types:
ICU beds
Semi Fowler beds
Low bed
Quarantine bed
Turning bed
Legacy bed
Aluminum bed
Mild steel bed
High raising beds
ABS panel beds.

Salient features of hospital beds:

Depending upon the nature of the hospital bed it can contain different parts such as head, foot, wheels etc. Some modern day beds also have some advanced features for the betterment of the patients. So before choosing a bed we must look at the facilities that this bed offers so that we can find the best hospital bed for the patient.

Wheels: most of the hospital beds comes with lockable wheels which ensure the safety of the patients and also helps in moving the hospital bed from one place to another easily. We must ensure that the structure of the wheel of the hospital bed is strong.

Side rails: hospital beds also come with adjustable side rails pretentious the patient from falling off the bed. They are also helpful for grabbing when moving near the bed. We must ensure that the side walls of the hospital bed are strong enough to support the weight of the patient.

Tilt: this feature ensures that the hospital bed can be tilted by 15 to 30 degrees on each side. They are specially helpful for patient who has injuries in a specific part of their body. They are also helpful in moving them out of the bed easily in case they have a back injury.

Elevation: This feature is available in the semi Fowler electric beds. This feature ensures that the head and foot of the bed can be adjusted according to the need. This feature comes handy to give comfort to the patient and also ensures ease of treatment. It is really helpful for patients who are not capable of moving without any help.

Bed exit alarm: this feature is available in most of the electric modern beds. If the patient moves out of the bed without supervision or false from the bed the alarm alerts the medical worker. It can be helpful in monitoring the patient from a distance.

CPR Function: Some modern day beds come with CPR functions which are really helpful for patients with heart disease. The air mattresses in these beds get flattened to create a hard surface for CPR if needed.

Advantages of hospital bed rentals:

Hospital beds have a certain advantages over normal beds which can be really helpful for the patient

Comfort: hospital beds are specially designed for the patients and their heights can be adjusted according to the comfort of the patient.

Mobility: hospital beds come with wheels which are really helpful while moving the patient in case of an emergency or a surgery.

Safety: the side rails and the exit alarm ensure the safety of the patient. They prevent the patient from falling off the bed and moving out of the bed in absence of a nurse.

Ease of treatment: the CPR function feature in the modern beds help in the treatment of some terminally ill patients.


Renting a hospital bed in Toronto can be really helpful for your patient and a lifesaver. We hope that this article gave you enough insight about the types and functions of different types of hospital beds that are available in Toronto. Hope you will be able to choose the best hospital bed for your patient according to their requirements.