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In many respects, entrepreneurship is a reflection of life; you begin with a white page and a head full of concepts. Your ability to complete that page will be influenced by a variety of interior qualities, including vision, persistence, patience, empathy, and stubbornness. Additionally, one outside factor—”a dash of luck.”

The phrase “luck” is frequently used to refer to the things we keep quiet and avoid discussing. In many respects, “uncomfortable” things like privilege, background, family, connections, etc., constitute the elusive “luck.”

The type above of “luck” has been so little — or even nonexistent — for Black business owners that they have chosen to construct their own. We can only be inspired by the bravery of those who overcame adversity to become prosperous businesspeople and role models for those outside their communities.

One from the latter group, who has never learned to accept anything less than the greatest, is our inspiration for today’s article, James Weathered, Jr.

James Weathered Jr. is a motivational life coach with more than 19 years of experience. Despite all the ups and downs in his life, he has achieved all of his goals, which he has done by improving himself and emphasizing personal development.

James grew up in South Fort Worth when he was younger; many would have regarded it as one of Fort Worth’s most challenging neighborhoods. James was a youngster who launched numerous enterprises and failed between the ages of 19 and 30, but he could recognize possibilities even as a young person.

James started his first successful business in 2002, API, a staffing company specializing in multifamily personnel services. James was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine in 2003 on a page about how he managed to operate a failing business perfectly at 30. (shoestring).

By 2005, API had been disbanded owing to a divorce, leaving me a homeless single mother of three living in a shelter outside Fort Worth. James discovered the use of his talent while residing at the sanctuary; the help of others and their professional chances mattered. He had to accept minimum wage jobs to make ends meet, and it took him 12 years to get past those obstacles.

He returned to business as a determined entrepreneur and formed Direct Placement LLC, CEO, intending to help people in 2014, when his youngest child began school. As CEO of Harbert Homes and the most prominent minority-owned staffing firm in the multifamily industry, Direct Placement LLC serves the Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Seattle, Oklahoma, and Florida regions. The company’s founder layers on his experience as a serial entrepreneur. 

They like to reassure the locals that they will only receive the best housing options. They build brand-new homes for Section 8 programs, Executive-size AIRBNBs for corporate events, and Key entertainers visiting the Dallas market. James currently has a net worth of $5.7 million, which is increasing daily.

Living life on your terms means having the freedom and flexibility to do the things that hold value to you. This is crucial since your feelings about your life and career impact you and those around you. James motivates many people in his immediate vicinity to improve themselves and never give up. By beginning today and speaking up, you can accomplish this goal!

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