WordPress is a major platform for creating websites. For over 20 years of its constant development, it has become extremely powerful and customizable. Nowadays, anyone can make and change websites easily with its help. Because of its open-source nature, people can modify and improve this CMS as they need to build an online presence of any complexity.

Lots of experts and fans have joined the WordPress community over time. They keep introducing new and amazing solutions for the platform. Thanks to this friendly and qualified community of developers and designers, it is easy to learn more about WordPress at any time. Regardless of your current skill level, there are lots of quality themes and plugins you can use to power up your website.

One of the teams that provide such quality solutions constantly is MotoPress. Due to their dedication and professionalism, they’ve been providing awesome products for WordPress for more than 10 years. Their team has many products and tools for clients, developers, and partners. Mixing new ideas and knowledge in their themes and plugins results in an improved experience for every client of MotoPress.

The reasons for MotoPress’s success are quite easy to understand. First of all, the design & development team knows how to meet the needs of their clients. With extensive WordPress experience, they deliver quality solutions packed with unique features. The booking WordPress themes designed by the team are one of many stunning examples that showcase what MotoPress is capable of.

While the products of MotoPress are undoubtedly worth your attention, this is also true for the blog run by their content team. From reviews and opinions to interesting insights and guides, there’s always something new for WordPress enthusiasts to discover. Below we have prepared a short overview of the recent MotoPress blog posts that might interest you.

25+ Best Bed and Breakfast WordPress Theme & Elementor Templates

The first post explores themes for bed and breakfast hotels. It offers a detailed review of 25+ free and premium solutions for WordPress. Those who manage hotels or work in the hospitality industry will find this article worth reading. All advantages and disadvantages of each theme are written in great detail. This includes diverse functionality benefits as well as customization and design specifics.

Aside from listing free and premium solutions for bed and breakfast hotels, the guide also provides an analysis of Elementor templates suitable for a similar topic. Eventually, the reader gets an extensive overview of 25+ themes, including their similarities and performance scores. The article concludes with the top 5 selections of themes that can be used to establish a website for your hotel right away.

10 Best Online Course WordPress Themes for Engaging and Effective E-Learning

The next post on our overview describes the themes designed for online learning. It contains an analysis of 10 themes for online courses, coaching, and teaching. Like many other well-written articles by MotoPress authors, each solution is reviewed meticulously. Every item contains a description of the most notable features. Moreover, the author explains why some of the themes will fit online coaches rather than e-schools.

The post ends with a vast conclusion containing a selection of the best educational themes for WordPress. There’s also a short description of the main features that each theme provides. Besides, the article features detailed research of the most prominent functionality for online education websites. It includes course builders and management systems, quiz creators, and educational plugin integration.

11 Best WordPress Backup Plugins: Pros and Cons

Backing up your website is an important process that you shouldn’t ignore. However, for many WordPress users, it is quite a tricky task. The guide on using backup plugins can help you with that. This post suggests 11 trustworthy plugins that make constant backups an easy thing. Additionally, the guide explains why backing up your site is necessary and how to do it properly.

Every plugin listed in this article comes with an extensive explanation of its features. Available in both premium and free variants, these backup solutions vary in what they deliver. From scheduled backups to automatic reports and website migration, diverse products offer different results. That’s why the article ends with the main benefits of using these plugins and how exactly they can improve your work with WordPress. The author also mentions the top 3 plugins to help you choose what’s more suitable for you.

11+ Best WordPress News Plugins for Your Website: Free & Paid

Many news websites use WordPress plugins, too. These tools enhance their functionality and make news publishing a lot easier. In the last post that we’d like to mention, the author talks about such plugins. With a selection of more than 11 powerful plugins, you can quickly choose the right one thanks to the list of provided benefits and features.

The article also mentions different reasons for using such plugins. Even if you have an established news site, reading this guide may be quite useful. It describes solutions that can improve your current WordPress-based website. With custom post types, shortcodes, content notifications, and other interesting functionality, using any of the plugins may give a huge boost to your site.


It’s obvious that MotoPress not just delivers quality plugins and themes that can be customized to fit your website. Their team constantly works on improving their solutions, while also publishing well-written and easy-to-read articles and guides about everything concerning WordPress. Their analytical posts as well as reviews of multiple products for the platform set them apart as one of the industry leaders.

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