Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform vs. Broker Exchange

Trading cryptocurrency is one of the most popular ways of getting passive profit. If you choose a promising digital token and invest some dollars or euros in it, you may gain great profit. One of the most popular examples is, of course, Bitcoin that had a price of less than a dollar in 2010. But there are other examples, more recent ones, such as Solana. To gain profit you just need to trade and choose the best promising digital token. 

You can opt to convert eth to btc cash, or exchange for other currencies. Exchanging is not a problem these days, but it’s important to choose a reliable exchange platform. Check out the article to learn more about the criteria for choosing a crypto exchange platform. 

What is a Crypto Exchange Platform

An exchange is a platform where you can buy and sell various types of cryptocurrency. There are 2 types of exchange:

  • centralized;
  • decentralized.

The most popular ones are centralized exchanges that work 24/7 and offer a huge variety of tokens to trade. But how to choose a reliable platform to convert one coin to another? Consider the following criteria. 

Purchase Methods

If you are planning to buy cryptocurrency by using fiat money, you naturally want to use a website that supports such platforms as PayPal or even bank transfers. If this method isn’t available, then you won’t benefit from using the website. Most good quality platforms offer to buy tokens by using fiat and crypto money. 


The best way to make sure you won’t lose money but gain profit is by checking the authenticity of the exchange platform of your choosing. Make sure the platform is safe, it’s certified and it’s 100%, not a scam. Pay attention to the variety of currencies available, and whether the connection to the Internet is protected. 

Available Crypto Tokens

All cryptocurrency exchanges accept Bitcoin and Ethereum as these digital tokens are the most popular, but there are other great coins to buy. If the range of currencies to choose from is too poor, then you might want to find another platform to use. Check the range of tokens available before creating the account. 


Centralized exchanges have fees, but they offer a quick converting process of one coin to another. It’s a normal thing to pay fees for such a transaction, but make sure the website of your choosing doesn’t have any hidden fees. If the site is transparent about its fee structure, then it’s a good website. 

Interface and User Experience

If the website is difficult to use, then it may not be worthy of your attention. You should be able to easily create an account, verify it and find the currency you wish to buy. If the interface isn’t convenient for you to use, it’s best to find another platform.