The government launched E-challans or electronic challans, essentially digital fines given via SMS to traffic offenders. Due to their transparency, E-challans have many advantages over standard challans. Those who have been issued an e-challan can immediately visit the E Challan Parivahan website and pay their fines online.

How does the Traffic E-Challan function?

In the event of unforeseen events, you can avail yourself of a comprehensive bike insurance policy. In contrast, in the case of traffic violations in India, offenders are punished with a challan, a document that details the infraction and the associated fine. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways launched an electronic or e-challan since the traffic police cannot catch every traffic offender to issue a challan. Such a system automatically generates challans and maintains a record of past offenders.

There are two techniques to generate e-challans:

  • If a vehicle is stopped for breaking traffic regulations.
  • When traffic offences are captured by surveillance cameras or speed sensors on the road.

Only some cities have automated systems for the issuance of e-challans. In some cities, therefore, the traffic police issue e-challans through web software linked to an RTO database. The most transparent aspect of the e-challan system is that fines can be paid online to save time. It is also intended to reduce corruption by bringing more transparency into the entire process.

How to Verify the Status of an E Challan Online

Take these procedures to verify the status of your e-challan online:

  • Step 1: Go to the government’s official website (
  • Step 2: From the ‘Check Online Services’ drop-down menu, choose ‘Check Challan Status’.
  • Step 3: After being transferred to a new page, enter the challan number, vehicle number (including chassis/engine number), or driver’s licence number.
  • Step 4: After entering the essential information, click the ‘Get Details’ button and enter the correct captcha.
  • Step 5: Your pending traffic challan status is displayed on the page. If there are no pending challans against you, a dialogue window titled “Challan Not Found” will appear.

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How to Make an E-Challan Payment Online

Follow the procedures below to pay your online traffic e-challan:

  • Step 1: After completing the preceding procedures to check the status of your online traffic challan, your pending e-challans will be displayed on the screen.
  • Step 2: The option to pay your challan online will be provided on the same screen.
  • Step 3: Click the corresponding link to ‘Payment’ and input the correct captcha code.
  • Step 4: You will be transferred to a secure payment channel to complete the online e-challan payment for your outstanding traffic fines.
  • Step 5: After successful payment, you will receive an email or text confirmation that your outstanding traffic challan has been paid.

In conclusion

A thorough understanding of traffic laws and regulations will allow you to avoid traffic penalties and e-challans. Even if you receive an e-challan for traffic offences, you can still locate and pay off your traffic e-challans online by following the above instructions. Remember that even if you observe all traffic laws, you might still be involved in accidents through no fault. So, the most prudent measure to protect yourself from such unfortunate occurrences is to acquire car or bike insurance for you and your vehicle and understand how to claim insurance for a bike or car.

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