For many people, owning a travel-related business is all fun and adventure—and that’s partly true. In fact, there are thousands of travel agencies across the country because of the demand for good travel packages for every need and budget. 

But running this type of business isn’t just about exploring different destinations and offering them to clients. Since travel can be a high-risk industry, we also go through struggles in getting approved for the things that we need to run our business efficiently, one of which is a good payment processing partner.

Thankfully, we found First Card Payments after searching for months and we’re glad we did. This company has been offering high-risk merchant accounts to businesses like us that have a hard time getting approved by traditional financial institutions. By partnering with the company, we get to enjoy benefits that include:

  • Excellent customer service. At First Card Payments, they provide a personal consultant who guides you through every step of the application process to open a merchant account for travel and addresses your concerns right away. Great customer service is one of the things that separate this company from its competition and it’s also what made us stay for many years.
  • Strong partnerships. First Card Payments has strong partnerships with more than 30 ISOs and banks, so there’s a better chance to get approved for a merchant account even if your business is tagged as high risk.
  • Better solutions. We loved that First Card Payments wasn’t just about earning money from us getting a merchant account. The company has always been committed to offering solutions that help our clients prevent high chargeback rates. We also enjoy better security, thanks to an encrypted merchant processing gateway that helps us protect the information of our clients.
  • Lower fees. We’ve tried a lot of payment processing providers over the years, but none of them gave us a better deal than First Card Payments. Of course, we’re still here because the company has impressed us with its excellent service. And if you’re like us, putting up with those high merchant fees for a long time, switching to First Card Payments means you get up to 25% lower merchant fees, which is huge savings to us.

With the help of First Card Payments, we were able to expand our business and continue to grow while offering safe and efficient payment processing for our clients.

As a business owner handling a travel company, having First Card Payments as a partner has been a huge relief for us because we know we have better opportunities now that we are more efficient as a business. 

If you operate any of the different types of travel agencies or other related businesses in the travel industry and are looking for a reliable payment processing partner, you’ve come to the right place.