Benefits of the secondary hard drive on a dedicated server

Site owners looking for a Dedicated Server for hosting need added protection and data redundancy for their sites. While there are many ways of ensuring these in Dedicated Servers, using a secondary hard drive is one of the less explored ones. 

Different web hosting servers are available, like Shared Servers, VPS Servers, Cloud Servers, and Dedicated Hosting Servers. 

A Dedicated Hosting plan is available in many variants like Windows and Linux Dedicated Server Hosting, HDD and SSD Dedicated Server Hosting, and Unmanaged and Managed Dedicated Hosting plans. 

An SSD Dedicated Server for Hosting is a high-performance option since it leverages the benefits of a Solid-State Drive and boosts the Dedicated Server’s performance.

A Dedicated Server is designed with one drive. However, many hosts have started offering a secondary drive with a Dedicated Server in India to boost the redundancy and protection of the web server. 

This article will discuss the benefits of a secondary drive with a Dedicated Server. 

  1. Enhanced storage

With two drives on a server, you get an additional storage option and different writing speeds that are helpful for different tasks. 

It also helps keep dual storage options reducing the possibility of moving files due to the storage becoming full. This enhanced storage is especially beneficial for sites that have large files.

  1. Different tasks for different drives

When you have a secondary drive, you can allocate separate tasks to each drive. For example, you can assign the primary drive to the control panel and the secondary drive to store and FTP transfers. 

You can install two operating systems on both drives.

  1. Boosted performance

When you include a secondary drive, the server has more resources at its disposal, which helps boost its performance. However, the speed and graphical quality of the server are the same. 

However, the server redundancy improves. In addition, you can add an SSD Dedicated Server secondary drive to boost the server’s reliability.

  1. Faster backups

Backups are the last defence against data loss due to security breaches, hardware/software failures, or human errors. 

When you add a secondary drive to a Dedicated Server, you can back up your site on this drive in no time. While storing the backup at a different location is recommended, this can be a handy alternative.

  1. Boosts server versatility

A Dedicated Server can run many programs simultaneously. Adding a secondary drive to the server can easily perform numerous simultaneous read/write functions. 

With tasks divided across two drives, the bandwidth is distributed optimally, resulting in versatile server performance.

Summing Up

A secondary drive offers many benefits to a Dedicated Server. However, adding one will cost you money. 

Hence, before you go ahead, assess the requirements of your site and look at the site traffic, the volume of data being stored and exchanged, and various other aspects to help determine if you need a secondary drive on your Dedicated Server. Good Luck! 

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