We humans remain bound to hundreds and thousands of responsibilities and relationships in family life. Some trifles, some really matter. But one thing is for sure: our thoughts and lives do somehow get constantly influenced by others. It’s retirement that snaps many such links – from work, from many unnecessary connections that really don’t matter.

You liberate many thoughts that remained indulged, fan and nurture the desires you remained passionate about in your youth but could hardly pursue any of them. Many such taboos fade into oblivion you once feared to even dream about. You start feeling you’re treading into a fairyland with jingling bells.

Under the deep blue sky and golden sun, you feel the tingling green grass below your feet. And you open up your eyes to behold the beauty of this newfound land. Could you believe this to be one of the luxurious paid old age homes of Kerala? Mission Valley of the Travancore Foundation is such a little heaven in God’s own country.

Why does independence post-retirement matter so much?

Retirement is not the thralldom of an otherwise active working life that one lives amongst colleagues and family. It’s the time to re-explore the inner self and instead celebrate its awakening. It’s time when you have fulfilled most, if not all, of your earthly responsibilities and are somewhat anxious about what to delve into?

Self-imposed ownership of numerous projects and activities kept you bogged down throughout the career and didn’t really let you live the way your inner self ever wanted to. But then, on earth, you discovered the retirement homes in Kochi that blew your mind. The pent up bird inside you started flapping its wings, saying, ‘this is the sky I want to free myself!’

In the upmarket plush old age homes in Kottayam, a group of trained doctors and professionals will always be at your service, round the clock. Their tireless effort in geriatric care tailor-made for you and designed by internationally acclaimed gerontologists will set free that pent up bird in you. You will feel all pseudo bondage of life slowly loosened, gifting you with the freedom you always longed for.


Scientifically designed senior care can release that gush of vitality

Old age homes in Kottayam, like the Mission Valley, boast of the senior-friendly dwelling units that know the difficulties in coordination of movements that some elderly face and present with all that ergonomically built luxury. With all its structures and open spaces, this fairyland conveys that humble statement “we care”!

Similarly, Rahel Homes, one of a kind among the paid old age homes in Kolenchery, exudes the confidence in out of the box treatment of senior care. This retirement home is built in the lap of nature with 80% open spaces. The refreshing and eye-soothing greeneries of maintained gardens present the telltale stories of night oil burnt by the trustee board to conceive and manage such a facility with oiled precision.

Meditation, monitoring and ayurvedic massage let the caregivers know the senior guests’ ins and outs. Constant vigil also enables them to foretell any impending health condition by meticulous tracking of day to day vital statistics, mental agility and motor function of limbs.

Priceless care at an affordable price

It doesn’t cost the retired individuals a fortune to have such well thought aftercare and attendance on earth. Well placed government servants, professionals, and doctors alike prefer to become customers of the distinct old age homes in Kottayam, similar to the Travancore Foundation’s.

NRIs found themselves most courteously treated by the retirement homes in Kochi that promise to offer them temporary stay in person to discover the peace of mind that they want to buy for their beloved parents left behind in India. They regularly flock to Kerala during their vacations to know what paid old age homes deliver instead of their promises.

Such solace NRIs can only buy with money at retirement homes in Kochi that commit and make it possible. With years of dedicated service to the nation in researching senior care, offering educational courses, and involving the community through appreciation courses, Travancore Foundation has come across miles from its humble beginning in 2009. 


Elderly parents let their kids fly abroad to prosper at the cost of their own lives being spent away from children. They allow us to forego the fear of a doomed life in the event of a life-stalling disease or disabling accidents. They rather bury all such negative thoughts and aspire to live many of their dreams through their offspring.

Expatriate children also reciprocate by gifting their parents with the best care and amenities they could buy in their home country. So that they can rest assured at their home far away from home that their beloved mom and dad are in safe and loving hands. Luxury old age homes of Kerala have shown the country the way.

People who hold self-respect in very high esteem and do not let their children not live their dreams just to take care of themselves become self-driven to suggest to their kids. They are never afraid of reiterating their life statement with a difference, with independence at a retirement home.