Do you want to enhance your productivity and streamline your operations while working in the highly regulated cannabis industry? If so, then you should exploit POS retail software to run the business efficiently and seamlessly.

Are you looking for robust POS software for your retail cannabis business? 

Then, Cova software can be one of your options.

In this post, we’ll give a detailed review of Cova software so that you can make a well-informed buying decision. 

Overview of Cova software

Cova is a medium-sized company that offers robust and reliable retail solutions in CA, CO, WA, and Canada.  Its development team consists of technologists, innovators, and retail experts who develop solutions for the retail industry backed by state-of-the-art technology.

They offer best-in-class tools and integrate their products with advanced technology so that the customers can leverage these to elevate their business. Cova software is created by the creative team of Cova with an endeavor to offer a comprehensive solution to the companies operating in the Cannabis industry.

Cova software is a robust POS retail software that allows those working in the cannabis industry to configure their system. It facilitates the businesses to work amidst high regulations seamlessly and to seamlessly scale the companies from one store to multiple stores in different locations.

Cova is cloud-based software that empowers businesses to operate and keep a check on everything on the go. Furthermore, it even offers the functionality to work offline so that companies can work even in the absence of sound internet connectivity.

It comes loaded with features like intuitive UI, inventory management, real-time reporting, a comprehensive dashboard, and other features that help cannabis retail store owners to manage their store efficiently.       

The software is a fantastic retail software for small businesses. It automates most of the operations of the cannabis dispensaries, keeps track of the inventory, and showcases the product’s information to the customers.

The software is user-friendly and adaptive. It helps the business owners to capture new customers and retain the existing customers by offering a sound customer experience. With features like ID scanners, auto-apply discounts, quick search tools, loyalty points calculation, etc., the software provides a fast and seamless customer experience.      

Features of Cova Software

Cova software is not just POS software, but it is comprehensive retail software. It comes loaded with arrays of features that empower the business to perform its operations flawlessly and keep a check on the stocks while offering a fulfilling experience to the customers. Some of its outstanding features include:

Inventory Management

Cova software helps the cannabis dispensary owners to keep track of their stocks so that there isn’t a deficiency of any product in the store. It also helps to find the best selling and least selling product.

Pricing Management

The retail software helps the cannabis retail store owners to manage the prices of various products from time to time.

Product Catalog

It allows the store owners to showcase their products to their customers along with essential details like constituents, price, quantity, and other information.

Contact Management

The software allows the users to store the information of their customers. In this way, the store owners can keep track of their loyal customers and reward them for their loyalty.

Offline Operation

Though Cova software is based on the cloud where the users can get access to data on the move, it is also available with the functionality to work offline.

Age verification scanner

The software is integrated with a scanner that scans the ID of the customers and prevents the team from selling the products to underage customers.

Hours of Operation Tracker

The Cova software keeps track of the operating hours thereby ensuring that the business operation takes place within the authorized hours.  

Purchase Limit Alert

The software calculates the equivalency of products and immediately notifies the staff if the purchase limit is exceeded in case of any customer.

Multiple currency support

The POS software supports multiple currencies so the team can trade in various currencies.


Cova is compatible with various tracking systems like BioTrackTHC, Metrc, Leaf Data Systems, and many more. In this way, it saves the time of team in auditing and reporting. It fetches detailed reports.

Permission Management

Cova supports multiple users. However, it comes with a cash management and employee permissions tool that detects discrepancies and checks unauthorized access. 

Data Visualization

The cannabis POS software also helps in analyzing the data. The store owners can access different metrics and reports that help in boosting the bottom line of the business. 

Review of Software

Software is not just assessed on the basis of its features, but other factors like support quality, software & hardware integration, user experience, compliance, etc determine the suitability of the software for business. Let’s review Cova software based on these factors.     

User Experience

The POS software offered by Cova has an intuitive design. It is integrated with features that automate the retail tasks thereby simplifying compliance and reducing the time as well as efforts of the team.

It quickens the transactions at the user’s end with features such as automatic calculation of tax & discounts, calculation of loyalty points, etc. The software also scans the ID of customers and automatically checks their age to avoid underage or overage sales.  

Compliance & Integrations

Various regulations guide the cannabis industry. The products need to be sold to people of certain age limits, and there are purchase limits per person and even an authorized duration to sell the products. Without following these guidelines, the license of the license holder may be canceled.

Cova software comes built-in with compliance features that ensure that cannabis business owners perform their tasks effectively. It comes with features such as purchase limits, hours of operation, and age verification that caters to the compliance standards.

The software also automatically applies appropriate taxes on the items according to the local laws. It is integrated with Metrc and BioTrack that automatically updates the software according to the state’s reporting system.       

Real-time Insights & Reporting

Cova has a comprehensive dashboard that provides different insights on various aspects from various stores and locations. It allows the retail store owners to review the performance of their products and the employees.

Through the software, the users can get to know about the best performer, the worst performer, best selling product, product making most profit margins, and hourly sales trends. In this way, the owners can manage their team and products accordingly.     

The software can be used to access detailed reports in real-time. These reports can be exported to other devices for further analysis that helps in making sound business decisions.  

Compatibility with different devices

Nowadays, businesses want to operate on the move. So, they look for software that can work on multiple devices. In this way, businesses can access insights and useful information on the go. So, software that can work in various methods is preferred by the users.  

Cova retail software is one such software. It empowers retail cannabis owners by allowing them to use the software on any device.

The software contains a mobile dashboard that can be customized according to the needs of the users. The display of the software adjusts according to the screen of the devices so that the users can use the software effortlessly. 

Hardware or Infrastructure

The retailer can choose the vendor and device for Cova software based on their preferences and budget.  The Cova software is compatible with equipment such as barcode scanners, receipt printers, etc. to facilitate the sellers with seamless and automated operations. 

Its parent company iQmetrix is known for secure and robust solutions. The company adds its expertise in Cova software to deliver robust and reliable solutions. Cova is hosted on Microsoft Azure. So it can be scaled automatically. It has the capability to manage the traffic of up to 4/20 without any downtime.    

Add-on Capabilities

Cova offers open API so the cannabis business owner can add applications such as financial solutions, e-commerce, HR solutions, and many other technologies. 

It is integrated with an array of solutions such as express check-out, touchscreen menus, digital signage, etc that facilitates real-time tracking, stock management, and pricing updates.     

Client Support

The quality of client support is an essential factor that gives assurance to the users that all the queries and issues related to the software will be resolved on time. That is why users also look at customer support while buying the software.

In terms of client support, Cova boasts of 99.99% SLA record. The support team is available 24/7 to address the queries of the customers. Their support availability rate is 98% while the percentage of 1st touch resolution of the problems raised is 50%. 

The service that stands out is white-glove onboarding whereby it helps the customers to make a smooth transition from traditional technology to a brand new system.

It offers customized solutions to businesses of all sizes. Thus, Cova software is incredible retail software for small businesses that automate as well as simplifies their task.

Conclusion :

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