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Do you want to be at the metaverse’s forefront but unsure where to begin? Even if having a shared digital environment for all your “daily life” activities seems thrilling, it could come off as incredibly futuristic and inaccessible.

Beginning from scratch is both difficult and gratifying. Achieving longevity demands commitment, business acumen, and a keen eye for emerging trends. In such a case, we all need someone to look up to as an inspiration or for guidance. 

Billy Frank is a businessman who has set the best example for gaining success. He holds positions such as a Web3 enthusiast, and serial entrepreneur, all of which have earned him considerable notoriety. In other terms, we may say that he is a multi-talented person who understands what his community needs to do better and tries to make that need a reality.

Billy, being the expert on the topic, has provided a few instructions on joining the Meta World. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you enter the metaverse while it is “growing.” An internet connection is all that is required, 

Step 1: Survey Your Environment

There is no such thing as a border, even though we frequently refer to the metaverse as a different virtual universe from our own. Numerous elements of the metaverse probably already play a role in your daily activities. You should know what is available to you now if you want to participate, including chat messaging, video calls, live streams, search engines, virtual store assistants, and even Alexa. While not complete metaverses, these technologies can support you, direct you through the virtual world, and facilitate communication.

Step 2: Engage in video games.

Videogames are beautiful examples of what a metaverse may look like, as you presumably already knew. They can show us a fully built digital world that anyone can enter, which is the main explanation. As a result, massively multiplayer games with expansive open worlds (like World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV) usually come closest to the metaverse concept.

Step 3: Attend a virtual gathering 

There are other ways besides gaming that you can try to use the digital world. Why not take part in a “real life” event virtually? A Gucci fashion show and virtual concerts with Twenty-One Pilots and Lil Nas X have both been tried out by Roblox, in particular. Schedule a business meeting in a virtual office if you’re up for something more serious. Alternately, wait till Teams from Microsoft gets 3D avatars in the upcoming year. They are all steps toward the more realistic meeting scenarios we anticipate in the metaverse.

Step 4: Utilize Virtual Reality 

We might not always require those avatars, though. As predicted, virtual meetings would progress from 3D avatars to being present in person.So adopting VR is the next step to entering the metaverse. Although the Oculus Quest headgear is most likely the best option for now, you can also get a low-cost cardboard version. The latter option only requires a smartphone, some VR software, and YouTube 360 videos. Advice: target the shark-containing areas.

Step 5: Dive into the world of crypto. 

Cryptocurrencies, in contrast to in-game money, have real-world applications. Please note that we urge you to look more closely rather than begin investing. Decentralized digital currencies like Ethereum, available to anybody with an internet connection, open up several new opportunities.

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