Every business goes through several phases where they encounter several obstacles that are hard to overcome – especially when it comes to the marketing department. 

Even if you develop sound marketing strategies, it is still not enough to keep your audience’s attention for too long. Hence, what your company needs at this point are improvement tips that can significantly boost the impact of your strategies.  

But before you can do that, you must first identify your challenges and what you are trying to achieve in the long run. Hence, we have consulted Anthony Iannarino to help us address the issues within the marketing world of online businesses. 

After taking on his family’s staffing business, Iannarino quickly took over their small Salesforce, calling the company from $3 million to $50 million in just a couple of years. 

He is known for many of his accomplishments in the business industry, especially his role in being the founder of the Iannarino Fullen Group and serving as the Adjunct Faculty member at the Capital University’s School of Management and Leadership. This place allows him to educate others on social media marketing tactics, personal selling, and more within their MBA program. 

One of his other revered roles includes President and Chief Sales Officer at SOLUTIONS Staffing, including Managing Director of B2B Sales Coach and Consultancy. In 2009, Iannarino established “The Sales Blog” – a venture that eventually led him to be recognized as the top thought leader in sales strategy. 

After reaching out to him, we learned of the many challenges we face in our digital marketing world, and we hope that by sharing them, we can help you resolve your digital marketing issues. 

Driving Relevant Traffic 

Spreading brand awareness can be quite challenging, and it also gets more complicated for businesses to drive ideal website traffic. Understanding which channel you should tap into and going to relevant audiences to the website to get more customers continues to be a struggle marketers have yet to overcome. 

Hence, the best thing to do in such a case is to audit your online activities, which will help you identify the tactics you can use to reach your audience. Consider your produced content, the channels you are presenting on, your social presence, and the campaigns that you are running. 

Compiling to the Regulations Related to Privacy and Data Sharing 

According to the statistics provided by Salesforce, it was found that over 27% of consumers have come to understand how companies tend to utilize their personal information, and over 80% require more transparency. 

Hence, data marketers constantly have to deal with evolving privacy regulations and phasing out third-party cookies. And as we continue to pull more visitors from around the world towards a website, it is up to agencies to ensure that they remain compliant with the laws that cover a population in any country they are targeting.

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