The 5-Step Process for Growing Your Business with Online Reviews | Starfish  Reviews

More than any other time in history, especially in the time where everyone is reliant on their gadgets and the internet, people are turning to online reviews now. Your business would be on the line if you are a small business owner with room to grow your business but you are ignoring Google Reviews. What is the Google customer reviews program? Here are a few tips on how to get customers to leave Google reviews and 4 steps to skyrocket your business growth with reviews.

Step 1: Ask your customers for a “favor”

Your customers are usually more than happy to “pay it back” through a positive review if they have had a good experience with your business. Interestingly enough, framing your request as a “favor: would lessen your customers’ feeling of obligation to leave a review, and this makes them more likely to comply with your request.

This not only shows that you have trust in your customers, but it would also allow them the opportunity to provide support for you and your business.

Step 2: Give them a reason to write a review

Studies performed by a Harvard professor back in 1978 revealed the power of the word “because”, so giving them a reason for your request would increase the chances that your customers would oblige by up to 33 percent. Giving someone a reason that you are asking for something would increase your success rate no matter what reason you may give.

You have to make sure to include a reason when you are asking for a review. It may just be a few extra words, but it can go a long way in improving your response rate.

Step 3: Thank them for being willing to leave a review

Showing your gratitude to your customers in your customer service is always a good idea, so response rates increase dramatically when gratitude is expressed in advance.

Step 4: Have a script and a process

There are some scripts that you could use like:

“Hey _______ (the name of the customer), thanks for coming in today! I was wondering if you could do me a favor?”

“Would you mind writing a review of your experience? Because it would really help other customers make the decision to come here more.”

“Thank you so much! We really appreciate your willingness to do that! You are going to review requests from our office in a few moments and you could just follow the link that we are going to send you. It’s really simple!”

If you just ask, a happy customer is likely to reciprocate the positivity. YOu are well on your way to banking a ton of positive reviews by making the process simple and introducing a bit of psychology into the equation.

Step 5: Find a review software that automates the process

Review software gets the request at the time when they are most likely to leave you feedback and they allow you to request a review from the customer immediately after they have interacted with you. 

How do Google customer reviews work?

Write a Review from the Google Maps Apps

  1. Search for the business that you want to review in the Google Maps app on your phone
  2. Click the banner because the maps will return a result with a map that would include a banner at the bottom about the business.
  3. You are going to see five states populated with your profile once you scroll down the window that pops up until you get to the reviews section. Click on the number of stars that you would like to leave for the business then proceed to write about your experience.
  4. Click “POST” to leave the review.

Write a Google Review from your Browser

  1. Log into your Google Account then search for the business that you want to review.
  2. Click on the blue font that says “WRITE A REVIEW” next to the star rating in your search results, or under the establishment’s name in the sidebar in Google Search.
  3. You could rate the business from 1 to 5, the greater number indicates a positive experience, write about your experience, and click “POST” when you are done.

Writing a review is a simple process that even your older customers would not have a hard time leaving one for you. You could make the process even simpler when you use automated software. Making the feedback process easier would always increase your success no matter how amazing your customer experience is.