Six Important Reasons To Redesign Your Website

Do you probably have some printed marketing collateral like most businesses—a catalog, perhaps? If so, it’s crucial to re-evaluate the design and its purpose. It’s high time to look at it and ask yourself if it still does the job you need it to do for your business. Here are five reasons why you should redesign your catalog now and make sure it continues to reach new customers and keep existing ones interested in your products and services.

  1. There’s a Need to Improve Customers’ Experience

You may want to improve customer experience by adding new features to your catalog design, such as information to help clients purchase items through your website. You can also redesign your business catalog if you want to offer customers special exclusive offers and coupons that are only available online. For your business to stay competitive in today’s market, you need a revamped catalog that offers these features. Customers are changing what they expect when it comes to advertising.

Consumers are willing to respond to catalogs with up-to-date information, and they want to see products available in stores. If you don’t update your business catalog, you could lose customers to your competitors. Customers no longer appreciate extensive brochures in their mailboxes—they prefer informative, streamlined company catalogs that get straight to the point.

  1. Need to Increase Sales

If you haven’t redesigned your catalog in a few years, it’s out of date and needs an update. In some cases, you may have lost customers due to a poorly designed or dated catalog that has become difficult to read and easy to ignore. Your business will likely reap many benefits from redesigning your business catalog regularly – from increased readership and response rates to greater sales conversions.

A professional update of your catalog can breathe new life into your marketing efforts and bring back customers who haven’t shopped with you in a while. Launching your product catalog is one of the essential steps in any business plan. But if you want to maximize its potential, you must optimize its design and layout for maximum effectiveness. It will help if you have clear call-to-action (CTAs) statements to drive customer engagement and increase sales. CTAs should be visible and straightforward for customers to find.

  1. To Enhance Your Brand Image

A brand image often represents an organization’s public perception. A company’s brand image is in constant flux, evolving as customers’ needs and preferences change. To have a competitive edge, keep your brand image fresh. A redesign can help you accomplish that objective by allowing you to change your catalog format while staying consistent with your brand’s message and values. As part of your redesign process, you should consider: 

  • What value will it add for recipients? 
  • Will it be easier for customers to navigate? 
  • Will it be more visually appealing than your current catalog? 
  • How will it fit into existing marketing campaigns and initiatives?
  • How will your new catalog format reflect current design trends? 

There are many reasons why a company may want to redo its print or digital catalog.

  1. To Reflect on Changing Trends in the Marketplace

The world of fashion is in a constant state of change. If you’re not on top of what’s new, you risk falling behind on trends and losing customers to your competitors. So before your competitors do, it’s time to reflect on changing trends in your catalog.

Keep up with current fashion, and watch as more shoppers make their way into your store and buy from you again and again. You can redesign your catalog to include new product lines and highlight new services such as delivery services.

  1. To Ensure Consistency Across All Channels

The design of your catalog should reflect your brand identity and be consistent across all channels. Use colors that match what you use on your website, and keep fonts consistent across all platforms. Customers expect to see their favorite brands look like they belong together and represent who they are.

If you have effected changes to your brand’s visual identity or logo, update your catalog to reflect these changes. It is also essential to ensure that your contact information is up-to-date so customers can reach out if they need help with sourcing or other questions about products.


If you’re still in love with the print, you don’t have to stop—but it might be time to rethink and upgrade your design. There are many ways to modernize your catalog, including updating your content and adding new technology (such as QR codes or links) that can help drive traffic back to your website. Whether you want a fresh look or a better user experience for customers, now is a great time to start thinking about redesigning! Redesigning your catalog is a great way to improve your brand image, increase customer engagement, and boost sales. With some planning and effort, you can take advantage of all these benefits by consulting with a professional catalog designer.