There are a lot of reasons why pest infestation occurs at home. An Eagle Pest Control provider offers professional services and helps to eradicate pests from your house once and for all. Seasonal changes and food or water shortages are the probable causes why pests moving into your house.

With time, more and more land is converted for business and residential use. As a result, pests are losing their natural habitat. They have similar basic needs of food, water, and shelter as we do. Homes manage to satisfy these needs well. As a result, when the weather changes or the water evaporates, your home appears to be the best option for various pests, such as termites and roaches. 

Some of the significant reasons why pest infestation takes place in houses.

  • Easy access to shelter

Pests tend to seek shelter indoors when the weather outside is unfavorable, like during the rainy or winter season. Pests enter the house by squeezing through small holes, cracks, and crevices. Sewer lines and drainpipes facilitate their entrance. Roaches grow families in cardboard boxes, and rodents tend to use them for the purpose of nesting. Rodents reside in the attic, garage, or inside the walls of the house. They further attract roaches, flies, and other feasting insects.

  • Food availability

Nocturnal rodents manage to live for months on mere crumbs or snack leftovers. Pet food bowls, food scraps, and dishes left in the sink after meals that pile up over a few days tend to act as meals for roaches and rodents. They easily survive off these meals and make your house their own.

  • The abundance of water

Pet water bowls and leaky faucets in the bathroom supply enough water for these pests to live a sustainable life in the house. If you have damp wood kept somewhere in your house, termites are likely to enter your home by chewing through that wood. Most insects can easily survive off of a small amount of water and live comfortably for months. Drywood termites have adapted their digestive systems to extract water from the wood they consume. Therefore, they do not require water from any outside source. 

  • Lack of hygiene

If your house is dirty or cluttered, then this might be a cause for pest infestation. Pests are drawn to mess. Accumulated trash or periodic cleaning attracts them to move into your house.

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