Solar Power System | Home Solar System, Advantage & Disadvantage

More and more residents are shifting to solar power as their source of energy to power up their homes. Apart from being environmentally friendly, there are several reasons why shifting to solar usage is an advantage. Solar installation services for residential homes are being offered by solar providers for homeowners who are planning to go solar. As they say, planning for something before having a final decision can help you attain what you really wanted.So before you get that solar panel installed, plan first. Solar lights are solar-powered lighting systems that come in a variety of colours, designs, and sizes. They can be permanent or portable lighting fixtures with rechargeable batteries, photovoltaic solar panels, controllers, and LED lamps. They have no wires to connect because they are powered by solar radiation.

What Should You Consider Before Installing Home Solar Panels?

There are several factors you need to consider before having a solar panel installed in your home and here are some of them:

Roof Condition 

Check the roof condition if it is sturdy enough to bear the weight of your solar panels. The perfect location for solar panels on the roof since this is the area where sunlight hits the strongest. Therefore, it can absorb more energy when it is placed on the roof. 

Length of Stay in Your Residence 

If you have plans on moving out, then better wait to move to your new home before having a solar panel installed. But if you plan to stay for at least two years, then it will be practical to have it installed. Incorporating a solar panel on a house you will be building can also be a good idea since it can save you a lot compared to installing it when your home is already built.  

Solar Providers 

Canvassing a company that will install your solar panel system should be done to get the best one among the ones on the list near your place. Research on the background of the company to know which one has more positive feedback. From here, you can weigh which one can be trusted. Since you will be investing a large amount of money on your solar panel system, it would be just right to have it installed by a reputable company. Getting a company you can trust will assure you that you can get a solar panel system with high quality materials, and they can assist you just in case you need it in the future. 

Period of Installation 

Knowing how long the solar panel system can be installed is also relevant in that way you can plan properly and know when to expect when it will be finished. The length of the installation will depend on how much energy the home needs, so it can take days, weeks, or even months. You can ask a solar provider regarding the length of the project depending on your energy needs since they can estimate, and it is part of their job. 

Know the Cost of your Solar Panel System 

Knowing the cost can help you prepare your budget or decide whether you can pay it in cash or get a loan for it. The good thing about purchasing it in cash is that the government gives rebates and tax credits.  On the other hand, most solar providers can refer their clients to finance companies where they can get a loan for their solar panel installation. Getting quotations from different solar providers can help you decide on what offers to match your budget.  Just make sure that you check the details and remember that not all cheap offers are the best. 

How Much Does Residential Solar Installation Cost?

A 3 kWh to 5 kWh solar panel cost ranges from  $9,255 to $28,000 as the total cost. The amount depends on how much energy your home needs, so it is best to get quotations since they can give an accurate estimate on the cost of the solar panel they will be installing in your home. 

Why Should You Have Solar Panels Installed At Your Home?

There are several reasons, such as :

  • It is cost-effective and can lower or eliminate the electricity bills that are too expensive.
  • To support the campaign against using sources of energy that can damage the environment. 

Planning a home solar electric system is a must to get ready financially and mentally. Getting a solar panel installation is not an easy decision since you have to keep it for 25 years or even more and the money you will be using to purchase it is a large amount. Therefore, planning can really be a big factor to be able to finalize your decision.

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