Insider, Forbes and Reuters top the list of the UK’s most popular websites for business news, according to Press Gazette reporter Aisha Majid.

Majid reports, “According to data compiled by Ipsos iris, The Insider Inc brand which includes the website businessinsider.com and general news side insider.com reached 4.6 million people over 15 in the UK (9% of the population), although businessinsider.com itself attracted 3 million visitors (62% of the brand’s total audience).

“It was followed by Forbes (3.8 million people, 8% reach),  Reuters News (3.7 million people, 7% reach) and the Financial Times (2.9 million people, 6% reach).

“For the ranking, Press Gazette used Ipsos’ iris ranking of the top online brand groups and selected the biggest which, in Press Gazette’s view, have a significant general business news offering. While general newsbrands such as CNN carry a lot of reporting on business and finance, we focused on brands that were primarily geared to business readership.

“Among the 12 brands on the list, Fortune saw the biggest month-on-month growth in readership as the number of readers accessing its sites and apps grew 124% between April and May to over 397,000 people. The US brand is owned by Time which also publishes a print magazine that counts a circulation of more than 1 million worldwide according to its own data.”

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