Industry Dive launches Legal Dive

ByMargie D. Moore

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Robert Freedman, a senior editor, clarifies why Marketplace Dive has launched a new newsletter identified as Lawful Dive.

Freedman writes, “There’s no scarcity of authorized information nowadays., Legislation360 and some others are keeping attorneys current on vital developments. These publications are covering the occupation from many angles, like the in-residence counsel aspect, so permit me share some feelings on why we feel we can incorporate benefit in the space.

“General counsel have a task that splits them in two. On the one particular hand they will have to be up to pace on lawful developments that can have a substance impact on their corporation. We just saw a great case in point of this when before this month the prime courts in Iowa and Massachusetts ruled versus restaurant businesses that are striving to get their carriers to shell out up beneath the small business interruption clause of their insurance coverage protection. That is the sort of legal news GCs and main lawful officers have to say up on, and the decisions had been greatly noted.

“But on the other hand GCs are running a group that have to get the job done seamlessly in an business whose aims are not legal they’re product or service or support centered in the circumstance of a small business or mission targeted in the circumstance of a nonprofit. Running a lawful crew in this context is different from running attorneys in a law company, and this is where by we feel we can assistance.

“Legal Dive aims to be the company publication for in-property counsel who want to know how to get the finest out of their folks, the law companies they operate with and the software they use.”

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