If you’re wondering how, you can make money from your house, We Buy Any House have compiled our top tips.

Get a Lodger:

If you have a spare room, then this could be a fantastic way for you to earn money off your property. Depending on the type of property you have and what you are offering, this could massively change the amount you charge for rent. For example, if you are offering separate living areas, a bedroom and en suite- you could easily earn an extra couple of thousand pounds each month (depending on location). Additionally, with the UK’s Rent a Room Scheme, you could potentially earn up to £7,500 of rent which will be tax-free.

Rent Out Your Driveway:

In the UK, having a drive right outside your front door is one of the most desired attributes of a house for a number of reasons. Not only is it extra land for your house (as you can do whatever you want to it as long as you get approval), but it is a great way to know that your car is being kept safe from being parked on a main road or in a public car park- which can massively reduce insurance costs. Therefore, a great idea is to rent out your driveway. This works excellently if you spend 99% of your time away from home, and as you leave for work you may even be able to see someone coming in and paying for your parking spot.

Host an Overseas Student:

If you live near a university or college, then you may be able to benefit from the influx of international students who are coming overseas to study. By simply opting to be a host family you can earn anything upwards from a minimum of £70 per week for a single student. For many overseas students, coming to the UK to study is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so knowing where they are going to be housed is definitely one less thing for an overseas student to worry about. Additionally, it’s a perfect way for you to earn some extra income for your house. 

Rent Your House Out For Filming:

In the world of TV and film, location producers and TV workers are always looking for places to film. Sometimes, it can be super hard for TV production crews to find the specific locations they want- and that’s where you can help! Its quite unknown, but you can rent out your property to TV and film crews so they can film in your house, and you can be paid for it. All you need to do is make sure that your insurance is up to date.
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