Text messaging is a form of communication through a mobile phone. This easy and convenient way to send messages has evolved and now includes numerous functions, including the ability to make payments.

Text message payments have become popular over the last several years. In today’s technologically driven world, where everyone wants fast and easy ways to send and receive payments, the text message payments method is a fitting solution. Talk to high-risk merchant account processors to help incorporate text message payments into your current payment system.

What Are Text Message Payments?

SMS (Short Messaging Service) payments or text message payments is a payment solution that allows consumers to complete payments through text. There are three main ways to implement text payments. 

  1. Text Commands: Businesses that allow customers to create a profile with their payment information can use text commands, in which the business sends the customer a text with a trigger word that a customer responds with to make the payment. For instance, a company could send a text message such as the one below:


Your invoice for [amount] is due by [due date]. Please reply PAY to make payment. 

Thank you!

[Your business name]

  1. SMS Invoices: Businesses can also use text messages with a link to the invoice outlining the transaction details.
  2. Payment Links: Links via text message can also be used to send customers to a secure site to finalize their payment.

The process may vary by business or company; however, the procedure to complete the sale usually follows one of these methods. Payment confirmations and receipts can also be sent via text message so customers can be sure the transaction was processed successfully.

Why Text Message Payments?

Mobile-based payment solutions like text message payments will benefit your business; it provides real-time payments while reducing collection costs. Most people are on their phones all the time and always on the go, so text message payments are a convenient solution that enhances a customer’s confidence and improves their shopping experience.


The speed and ease of use are two factors that attract customers. They can simply make recurring purchases without the need to re-enter their bank or card details.

With text payments, customers simply reply with a “YES” or another trigger word via text message to use their card info online. This saves customers time from retrieving login details or the hassle of requesting new login information.

According to research, customers prefer communicating with businesses via text. Your business can take advantage of this knowledge to generate sales and profit.


It only takes about 90 seconds to reply to a text message compared to the minutes or longer it takes to respond to an email, which means that responses are more likely with text messages. Businesses only need to set up text-based collection statements, billing or payment reminders, and mobile-friendly payment options to give their customers the level of service they expect.

Customer Experience

You do not have to replace your existing payment methods; instead, offer your customers additional options that are most convenient for them. Giving your customers a variety of payment methods will make your customers feel valued. Besides, it opens doors for more customers while fostering a better, lasting business-customer relationship.


As most adults are already on their mobile phones most of the time, text message payments expedite transactions and reduce collections costs. With automated text messaging reminders, you are also saving your customers from the burden of dealing with late payment fees.