Managing a business isn’t easy. Managing the people within it can be even harder. That often becomes yet more challenging as your company grows. If your team is the engine that keeps everything humming, then you need to keep them tuned in and ensure each component is firing before they burn out.

Pop your own cork early or become the bottleneck

As a business grows, it naturally adds more people. You can’t avoid the complexity that this brings but you simply have to manage it. One thing is sure, you won’t be able to oversee everyone anymore. To get in front of problems, you’re going to rely on others to identify them and address them rather than delivering them to your door only for you to file them in the in-tray. Once issues become sidelined, they fester and will eventually come back to bite. At this point, the people at the top become little more than a triage function. This means promoting able individuals early rather than waiting too long.

Build up a coaching manual rather than managing by the book

If you’ve recruited effectively, your people won’t need micromanaging but will require guidance and the opportunity to explore their own innovative and creative ways to contribute. Learn the difference between team leaders and managers. Think of a manager as a parent who ticks off chores that must be completed and a team leader as the elder sibling who works alongside them offering support and encouragement. You are the parent and your brightest sparks are your knowledgeable kin.

Creating a strong company culture is integral to business growth. Check out the infographic below for more tips to strenghen your workplace culture!


Infographic provided by Halock Security Labs, a cybersecurity consulting firm that uses DoCRA methodology for risk analysis

Get your employees to care about their business

Everyone knows that unhappy staff will not care about the company they work for. Yet, for some unfathomable reason, a theory persists that we can squeeze more out of people by creating a negative working environment. It might yield results for a while but eventually, employees will reach their limit and look elsewhere. Why work within a culture of fear when you could thrive in a nurturing one? Motivate your team to ensure they truly care about your business.

And reward your staff. Different people respond better to different incentives so consider a balanced combination of salary, flexible working, health and well-being and smaller, even intangible benefits. So, start by thinking about how you can manage your employee benefits with this employee benefit platform.

Implement digital innovation from day zero

As the digital population increases, so do the resources required to build and increase a business’s online presence. They might not realise it but one in 16 workers will transition to a new type of role by 2030 to support increased demand for all things digital by 2030. Whether it’s improved data and analytics, enhanced customer experiences, or heightened productivity via automation, digital innovation is vital in business management.