According to a study posted by ProfitBooks, it was found that over 90% of new businesses tend to fail during their first year of operations. 

One of the primary reasons why these businesses fail is due to a lack of funding because money is the bloodline of a company; without it, a startup is bound to fail. Which is why at every stage of business, entrepreneurs ask themselves – how do I find the finances to go about this business venture?

Fortunately, professionals, like Hetal Shah, in the field can help you sort out the matter and navigate your way from here. 

Hetal A. Shah is a revered Indian American author, management consultant, blogger, and YouTube vlogger. She is widely known among her peers and competitors for her commendable intelligence and entrepreneurial skills. 

What makes Hetal so unique is that she also went through several struggles when she worked on her startup and still found the best solutions to her problem independently. While growing up in Mumbai, she got excellent grades in high school and outshined some cultural activities. She started her own trading business in early 1990 during her college years. 

Then, later on, she founded and ran Vox Populi, Inc., a telecommunications media startup in Boston, between January 2001 and April 2002. The company’s purpose was to help telecommunications carriers increase their yellow pages revenue by providing a speech recognition technology solution. Hetal’s startup had already reached incredible milestones. It was gaining a lot of popularity – but unfortunately, the company had to be shut down due to the lack of funds needed to keep it running. It was a high-potential startup, and it required venture funding.

It was a devastating time – but Hetal was determined to get back up again and figure out a better way to manage her startup from her mistakes. In 2006 she provided billing services to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and she took many online business courses to improve her development further. 

It was in 2015 that she regained her professional and creative passion for work, where she focused on building her professional development and focusing her attention on social media fields. 

We have learned from her example and found two good funding options you can choose to get the most out of your business ventures. 


Bootstrapping is also called self-funding and is an effective way of startup financing. Investors will only offer a small amount of money to get you started, but through your funds, things are different. You can invest from your savings or even get your family and friends to contribute. Plus, when you invest your own money into a business, you are tied to it. 


It can be like taking a loan, contribution, or investment from more than just one person simultaneously. The way it works is that an entrepreneur put up a detailed description of their business on a crowdfunding platform where they will share their business goals, plans for profit, and how much funding they need. Consumers who read about the ideas will make online pledges with the promise of pre-ordering the product or even giving donations. And anyone interested in your business idea is free to participate in the process.

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