Extensions and souvenirs | Seth's Blog

When a model is thriving, there’s generally a want to prolong it.

Disneyland was an extension of Disney motion pictures. It mirrored some of the magic of the flicks, but designed some thing new and valuable as effectively. Disneyland had some of the Disney essence and then developed one thing additive and new.

Apple did the very same thing with the Iphone in extending the brand of the Mac.

On the other hand, the new Leica view is simply a memento. It is not a improved check out. It’s not more of a Leica than any of a dozen other overpriced watches could be witnessed to be. It is basically there to remind you that you appreciated the initial. It’s a memento of a experience, not the creator.

Practically nothing incorrect with a souvenir. I’m positive Leica will make a profit from their enjoy with minimal harm to the assure that the manufacturer alone would make. But make too many souvenirs and you come to be a hollow shell, losing the chance to make the change you find.

The crappy t-shirt you purchased at your preferred musician’s concert is a souvenir, but they shouldn’t count on that as their legacy or the engine of their growth.

All day, person creators have to make decisions about what they are heading to do following. In some cases we can generate an extension. And sometimes, we decide to make a souvenir as a substitute.

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