Social media is everywhere. They are all around us. Even now, in this very article. You can see Facebook, Insta, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube when you look out your window or turn on your phone. You can feel their omnipresence when you go to work, to church, or try to invent creative real estate marketing ideas for 2022

Besides, you can sense them lurking in your mind as you plan to boost your real estate brand awareness and expand your clientele. Did The Matrix predict an overwhelming force to reckon with in the form of social media platforms?

The flow of things: realtors preparing for social media presence

Genuine real estate marketing does not exist without a skillfully managed online representation. You can ask any experienced local real estate agent, even the more established veterans. By all means, they would prefer traditional offline marketing practices. Still, they seem to see eye to eye on one particular thing. Everybody benefits from the countless delicious fruits only the best social media tools for realtors will grow to them.

So what are the rules of engagement applicable to social media appearance? Bear with us because we lay down the individual bricks forming the pyramid.

A crash course in agent profiles and social media must-haves

For starters, you find out that on, you can build an outstanding agent profile that will reach countless potential customers. Secondly, you will write your mind-blowing real estate bio. Then, put together recent property listings and perhaps start a real estate blog featuring local market trends.  

Then, you get down to creating various social media business accounts. At some point, you will also consider shooting excellent footage on properties available and post them on your YouTube and or TikTok channel. This decision we highly endorse!

Build links between your various platforms!

Once you’ve taken these individual steps, it would be best if you started link building. In other words, connect your professional real estate agent profile to your online content (visual and written) visible and accessible on your social media profiles. 

Don’t try to cram every little detail related to your real estate services into your posts! Instead, link them to your agent profile where your followers can genuinely sink their teeth into the properties for sale. Interconnectivity and link building will drive traffic to your profile, a slick move based on which Google will rank your business higher.

Invest your energy in learning about new apps!

Is this all there is to accomplish solid and productive results through your social media presence? We won’t fool you with false promises. Digital trends come and go, social media platforms are frequently updated, and some get abandoned entirely (we miss you, MySpace!) Brand new applications appear (hello TikTok!) In addition, user behavior is like the weather, subject to sudden and spectacular changes. 

All we can super positively confirm is that these rookie mistakes on social media are no-go steps in 2022. They can damage your IP, so try to avoid them! Make time and inform yourself about the ins and outs of those social media platforms you wish to create an account on! And not only new agents are prone to make them.

Too little creativity and effort will get you nowhere.

Suppose you have a seemingly excellent idea. You grab a high-definition cam and start recording a property for sale. Later, you post the vid on your Facebook profile or YouTube channel, saying this is a fantastic home to buy. And you just expect people to call and do business with you instantly. However, no one is knocking at your door. 

Our recommendation is don’t be too direct and unimaginative with your message! Instead, you have to plant the idea in your followers’ minds to purchase the property you represent. Have you seen the film Inception? The process should resemble that film’s course of action, i.e., users have to realize on their own that they need that house! Your social media content should be relevant to their decision-making process. To achieve this objective, you should establish yourself as a neighborhood expert.

Why would you run a separate social media business account?

If you think about it, having a second FB or Insta account dedicated exclusively to your real estate business doesn’t make much sense. For starters, you already have a specific number of followers on a given platform. If you start a real estate profile, you’re unlikely to convince everybody from that group to follow your business profile too. Thus, you’ll acquire considerably fewer followers on your business profile. And that’s an obvious sign of indifference. 

Only real estate posts, charts, and graphs won’t help you build relationships. Online users, people in your community, and even prospective clients need to know more about you. Share personal things about your life, daily routine, hobbies, etc. Applying this method will make you stand out from the faceless crowd of realtors.

Don’t post property listings on an endless loop!

Your social media presence shouldn’t be limited to endless postings of houses and listings. Refrain from showcasing price tags, price changes, discounts, homes for sale, real estate sold, or under contract. Featuring a gallery of houses that aren’t even in your area is a greater sin. Not only is it tedious, but it can get annoying as well. The chances are slim that you’ll engage new users and extend your existing clientele.

Can you put discussing real estate aside?

Though the idea may seem outrageous and shocking at first glance, hear us out! Did you know that the overwhelming majority of online users simply aren’t as fascinated with real estate topics as you are? Indeed, they will show enthusiasm only when they’re ready to sell or purchase their dream home. Don’t get us wrong; hard data plays a significant part in real estate investments. However, you should include news on market trends in your blog articles and not in your social media posts! 

First and foremost, social media are about entertainment. For this reason, it would be best if you posted fun pictures on Insta, funny videos on Facebook, and captivating home tours on TikTok. Try to present a “joie de vivre,” a lighthearted and optimistic enjoyment of life that users can obtain once they purchase or rent the home you can offer them. 

Don’t get bland with your content!

Being boring and predictable heralds the death of every business venture. Suppose you have a knack for producing unique real estate content. And you like to show off your talents. (Though, we wholeheartedly recommend you compile fascinating and informative articles!) Post these on your blog and website. People will feel discouraged from delving into your market analyses. 

Forget motivational quotes and old memes! Jazz up your social media content with diverse topics that may slightly relate to your strong suit. Stir up emotions, be creative, pose intriguing questions, and invite your users to indulge in an online exchange of ideas. You can even provoke them to send you feedback within the limits of good sense. Surprises will keep your audience engaged. 

Final thoughts

Most notably, you can make the single biggest mistake of your life; staying away from social media. The days of sending out newsletters and cold calling are long behind us! Instead, your users, leads, and potential clients can just watch your Instagram stories to get an update on your services. In short, online absence is missing out big time!

However, you won’t ace the social media game by posting uninvolving property listings. As a result of little creativity and boring data streams, users will give you the cold shoulder. These common mistakes reflect how little effort you actually invested in your social media output. 

The solution is a more human-centered approach that will create and nurture your professional brand!