Building custom charts in Domo

ByMargie D. Moore

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When assessing workers’ payment statements, our statements managers at National League of Cities (NLC) Mutual Insurance coverage Firm didn’t have an simple or visually participating way to see wherever in the human physique the most frequent and costly injuries had been occurring.

Although there are a lot of terrific card forms readily available in Domo, there is not one particular that incorporates the human system.


By making use of the tailor made chart attribute, I was in a position to find an SVG file of the human body. I downloaded it and used Inkscape to develop a couple further human body components and label every single of them to match my claims dataset.

I then included the file as a custom made chart to my Domo instance. I have been ready to build quite a few diverse playing cards that show the frequency, severity, and typical price tag of an injuries to a specific entire body part.

We can also filter to a specific profession or age selection, which can further assist promises handlers estimate the charge of a new claim.

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I have also designed and provided a hex map customized chart of the United States (best of this submit) in buy to demonstrate every single point out evenly. As I could not obtain an existing SVG file of the U.S. as a hex map, I created it from scratch applying the form device in Inkscape.


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