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With a Master’s degree in Finance, you will be open to many lucrative work opportunities as brands needing the services of finance experts are many and cut across different sectors. Company review platforms like ReviewsBird have shown that many Danish brands seek to employ people with a good grasp of the nation’s economy.

There is a high population of foreigners studying in Denmark. The country encourages foreigners to study by providing a viable atmosphere and job opportunities for them to thrive. Also, Danish finance reviews show that the academic field of finance is highly populated.

As a course of study, finance can be divided into corporate, public, and personal finance. Public and state-owned universities in Denmark often offer master’s degrees. There are usually student grants and loans that support students in Denmark. Citizens enjoy many privileges which may not be extended to foreigners or may be subject to meeting certain requirements or rules. For instance, if you are looking for car loans in Denmark, you may need certain documents, such as a permanent residence permit and proof of employment. Meanwhile, let’s look at some of the best finance master’s degrees in Denmark.

Economics and Business Administration—Supply Chain Management, Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

This is a master’s degree course in the finance field that will run for 2 years. The course aims to provide comprehension of necessary ideas, theories, and prototypes for creating and managing universal supply chains.

The Copenhagen Business School is a public institution located in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is known for its universal standards and quality approach to academics.

MSc in Economics— Finance, University Of Southern Denmark (SDU)

This field of study will provide knowledge of risk and project management, evaluation of brands’ financing strategies, and policy-making. 

Economics and Business Administration—Finance, Aarhus University, Denmark

Finance is a part of most sectors, and brands always search for brilliant minds. This course combines applied knowledge and capabilities with intense research. This prepares the student for the demands of modern, sophisticated finance sectors.

The course is offered by Aarhus University, located in Aarhus, Denmark. It is the second-biggest university in the country, with more than 90 years of existence.

Economics and Business Administration—Finance & International Business, Aarhus University, Denmark

This course, which Aarhus University in Denmark also offers, is geared towards providing students with the ability to establish important decisions in complicated financial settings in a broader, international context.

Business Administration and Bio-entrepreneurship, Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

This master’s degree course offered by the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark aims to teach students the requirements to transform scientific findings and prototypes into novel products and services by merging biotechnology and business administration.

Economics and Business Administration—Applied Economics and Finance, Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

This course aims to give students an idea of economic attractions that foster brands and strategies for financial management.

Economics and Business Administration— Accounting, Strategy and Control, Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

This course will teach you how to observe existing strategic problems in companies and establish important measures to combat them.

Finance, Aalborg University

This program provides the student with an extensive comprehension of the operations of financial institutions and their financial management. Aalborg University is located in Aalborg, Denmark, and provides a real-world approach to education.

Advanced Economics and Finance, Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

The course aims to teach students how to dissect, evaluate and provide solutions to problems concerning economic and financial management in organizations.

Economics, Aarhus University, Denmark

This MSc course provides extensive comprehension of specific economics and management angles.


If you want to study an MSc program in finance in Denmark, the courses mentioned above are some to consider in 2023.

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