Finding the right product for dropshipping is the most difficult part. Finding the right product for dropshipping requires time and effort. Drop shippers employ many methods and techniques in order to find the best product. This can take time.

No worries. There are many Ad Spy software that will help you find the best product for your dropshipping business. This page will tell you about the top 8 Adspy tools 2022 to dropshipping and eCommerce.

What Is an Ad Spy Tool?

Ad Spy tools let drop shippers and ecommerce businesses spy on social networks advertisements. It will search for the most popular products to help you grow your Dropshipping businesses.

Ad Spy software can be used to spy upon your competitors. This will give you insight into their strategies and help you plan your marketing strategy. This way, your competitors will have an advantage.

Top 8 Best Ad Spy Tools 2022 You Must have

Below is a list of 8 of the best Ad Spy tools 2022 you will need to grow and develop your business.

1.   Minea

Minea is able to track ads across every network so it’s impossible to miss any ad. It is a professional tool, which analyses every advertisement on all social networks.

Minea makes use of other social media sites than Facebook. While Ad Spy tools collect product information only from Facebook, Minea does so on Pinterest, Snapchat, Pinterest and TikTok. This makes Minea one of the most powerful advertising platforms for finding the best product. Minea’s competitive pricing is another reason you should try it.

Minea lets you have access to various features for EUR49/month in the basic package. For 99 EUR per year, the Premium plan is recommended if the premium plan does not provide enough features. Minea’s Lite plan, which is free, can help you determine if it’s worthwhile to buy.

2.   Dropispy

Dropispy is a tool that allows you to search for trendy products at affordable prices. The tool comes with many features and is priced at a fair price due to its quality and functionality.

Dropispy enables users to view large amounts of data in realtime. Dropispy lets you search for product details, browse photos of products, and view product ads.

Dropispy’s large database is what makes it stand out from the rest. Dropispy allows users to instantly find hundreds of thousands in winning dropshipping or eCommerce products.

3.   PowerAdSpy

PowerAdSpy enables you to spy on Facebook and Instagram ads at the most affordable price. PowerAdSpy allows you to monitor Reddit ads and Quora ads.

It has advanced features like custom ad filtering and statistics based on engagement. It allows targeting geo-targeted statistics.

4.   ZonBase

This tool works with artificial intelligence and is intended for e-commerce sites.

This tool allows users to search for the most successful Instagram and Facebook advertisements based on brand names. You can also determine their popularity as well as target audience. ZonBase can be used to personalize product videos or predict sales.

5.   Drop Point

Drop Point, an ad-spying and tracking tool, may be the best for people looking for an affordable option at $5 per month. It automatically collects Facebook Ads from multiple accounts.

It also shows information about the number and types of likes/shares/views and even a CTA link. Drop Point lets you filter your ads with keywords, country, and many other filters.

6.   AdSpy

AdSpy allows users to monitor which Instagram and Facebook ads have been trending and are winning. It will provide you with all the information you need to plan a successful advertising campaign.

Dropshipping shouldn’t be complicated because AdSpy offers thousands upon thousands of ads every day with many sorting/filtering options.

7.   Anstrex

Anstrex can also be used as an Ad Spy tool. It offers many useful features. It allows users the ability to see both Push and Native channels.

Anstrex helps you plan your e-commerce strategy, analyze competitors, monitor more than 20 dropshipping networks, and create detailed ads. Anstrex Dropship enables you to browse thousands of dropshipping sites, and locate the most trendy products.

8.   BigSpy

BigSpy allows users to monitor ads across various social networks including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. It can be used to filter, track, and perform advanced searches, just like the other tools.

This app is renowned for its advertising tips and top chart list, which provide ideas for the best ads campaigns and a list of the most successful Facebook advertisers.

BigSpy does not allow more than five searches per day despite it promising to be free. If you wish to run more than five searches per daily, BigSpy offers a pro plan that allows for 250 daily searches.

What we advise 

It can be confusing to find the best Ad Spy tools 2022 among the numerous options on the marketplace. We suggest Minera or Dragispy.

Dropispy offers so many amazing features that you will be able find the perfect product for your needs.

Minera’s and Dropispy’s interfaces are simple to use and have user-friendly icons. They offer free plans with a variety of exceptional features, which is something that’s not offered by other Ad Spy tools.

Before making a purchase, you can test the free versions of both these tools. Dropispy as well as Minea are both worth your consideration. But, there are important differences.

Dropispy is limited to Facebook ads. Minea collects data from other social media sites. Minea simultaneously gathers ads across multiple social media websites, including Facebook. Snapchat. Pinterest. Pinterest. TikTok.

Dropispy and Minea are also unique because of their Shop Spy option. Shop Spy allows users to look at all of the most successful stores, and learn their strategies. Additionally, you will get detailed information about every store.


Ad Spy tools are helpful in finding relevant ads and products as they deliver quick results. Once you have identified the right product, it is possible to sell it for large profits. You will find many tools on the list. Each one has its pros and cons.

Some are better suited for different purposes. Try them all to determine which one works best for you. Dropispy or Minea are good options because of their functionality and affordability.

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