Most people think of taking a vacation on a sunny beach resort far away from home, but more adventurous travelers often find themselves dealing with a bit of rain while on holiday. If you’re going on a rainy vacation you’ll want some essentials like boots, rain umbrellas, and other ways to keep dry when the weather decides to disagree with your plans. So, if you’re going somewhere that may have less than stellar weather, you’ll want to be sure to pack these seven things to bring on a rainy vacation.

  1. Rain Jacket

If you’re going to be out and about while on your rainy adventure you’re going to need a good enough rain jacket to repel the rain. Rain isn’t the worst thing to happen while on vacation but if water seeps through your outwear, it’ll make for an uncomfortable situation which is why you’ll want to get something waterproof to wear. There are different types of rain jackets for the occasion, easy-to-store foldable rain jackets that can be stored in a backpack, and warmer fleece-lined jackets that have water-repelling outer shells.

  • Umbrella

Rain umbrellas can be a real lifesaver if you’re caught in a storm while enjoying some time off. A good umbrella should be lightweight, have a sturdy frame to prevent buckling under wind gusts, and have a true hydrophobic material that repels water completely. Some of the best rain umbrellas on the market are also easy to stow away in a bag when not being used which makes carrying them around on vacation an afterthought. 

  • All-Weather Shoes

Sandals, sneakers, and a pair of shoes to dress up for a night out, but if the weather goes sideways what will you wear? If you know your vacation might have inclement weather you’ll have to think about packing some all-weather shoes that are tough enough for the job. Some of the best water-repelling footwear options are in the hiking sneaker section of your local sports goods store, they’re comfortable to walk on any terrain and are usually coated with materials that keep water out and our socks dry. Another option is to keep your current selection of footwear and put on some rubber shoe covers that transform your favorite sneakers into do-everything shoes.

  • Waterproof Storage 

If you’re trekking through a city, beach town, or hiking anywhere; a good waterproof travel bag is the key to keeping your belongings dry. A lot of travel bags now offer water-repellent qualities that keep what’s inside as dry as can be, handbags made of canvas material often come coated with Teflon sprays that allow water to bead off instead of penetrating your bag which can cause serious damage. If you didn’t bring a water-resistant bag then you can store your phone and wallet in a Ziploc bag or even a small plastic bag from the grocery store.

  • Power Bank Charger

When a storm passes it can sometimes take out power for locals which means you may be off of the grid for an extended period of time. Investing in a portable power bank charger is key to making sure your phone and other electronic devices are charged in case you need to reach out for help. We normally don’t plan for anything beyond a change of clothes on vacation but this is the key item you’ll need wherever you travel as staying connected during a crisis can help get you or others out of a potentially bad situation.

  • Quick Drying Towel

Even when using a rain umbrella, you may find yourself still getting wet on your legs or face if a gust of wind picks up those raindrops. If you want to dry off quickly you’re going to need a quick-drying towel to wipe off the water that has made it past all of your weatherproof gear. There are many quick-drying towels out there, look for one that’s made with microfiber, is compact enough to store, and has an integrated hanging hook that you can use in your hotel room or hang off of your travel bag.

  • Bug Repellant

When it rains it not only pours, it brings out bugs. If you’re in a tropical region and it rains, mosquitoes and other insects tend to come out as warm bodies tend to attract them as temperatures cool down just a little. Packing a small can of bug repellant will help save you from painful, itchy bug bites. Find one that is odorless and made from natural ingredients when possible so as to not cause irritation for those with more sensitive skin.

Final Thoughts

Rain shouldn’t stop you from having a good time on vacation if you’re prepared for it. Weather is just one of the elements we face every day, but with the seven essentials listed above, you’ll have a great adventure full of memories while staying dry.

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