AstraZeneca Has Positive Results From Two Lung-Cancer Trials With Imfinzi and Tagrisso

AstraZeneca’s (AZN) American depositary shares jumped 2% to the highest since late July after the U.K. drugmaker reported positive results from two late stage trials with lung cancer drugs Imfinzi and Tagrisso.

The stage 3 trial named Pacific showed that Imfinzi, an immunotherapy drug, showed an 11-month longer survival rate without worsening of the disease compared with placebo in patients with stage-three non-small cell lung cancer, which hasn’t spread elsewhere in the body, AstraZeneca said on Monday on its website.

The trial is continuing to evaluate overall survival rates, the company said.

The other trial, Flaura, showed that Tagrisso reduced the risk of worsening the disease or death by more than half in patients with non-small cell lung cancer who have certain genetic mutations and with and without cancer spreading to their brain.

Patients receiving the treatment had a survival without worsening of the disease of 18.9 months compared with 10.2 months when treated with the current standard of care.

In July, the drugmaker said that its phase 3 Mystic trial of Imfinzi plus tremelimumab combination didn’t meet a primary objective of progression-free survival compared to chemotherapy in previously-untreated patients with metastatic first-line non-small cell lung cancer.