Corium Reports Positive Results from Study

Shares of Corium International were up 2.5% pre-market Thursday after the biopharmaceutical firm reported preliminary positive results from a study of Corplex Donepezil to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

The study compared the steady-state pharmacokinetic profiles of once-daily oral Aricept with two Corplex Donepezil transdermal patches that differed only in size. Corium reported that the steady-state PK profiles of the transdermal dosage forms exhibited a close similarity with the oral dosage form PK results, and that the smaller of the two patches met the statistical criteria for bioequivalence. The company said both Corplex transdermal treatments were well tolerated, with favorable adhesion, skin safety and gastrointestinal side effect profiles after application of over 500 patches in the course of the study.